Man, You Look So Euro!

Perception vs. reality You might have seen the Euro Cycling Rules on the internet. It’s amusing but like many internet successes, it has a grain of truth. We might mock the obsession with riding with tubs and obligatory white shoes but ultimately, who wouldn’t want to have shiny kit and the finest wheels money can … Read more

What’s In a Name – Part III

Many riders have surnames that are also nouns. I apologise if this ruins your TV viewing, those once exotic Euro names can actually prove a bit dull but here are some of the peloton’s names translated into English: Davide Malacarne = Davide Badmeat Giovanni Visconti = Giovanni Viscounts Jonas Ljungblad = Jonas Heatherleaf Karsten Kroon … Read more

The Hotbeds of European Cycling

Cycling is popular in Europe but more so in some places than others. Here are the key heartlands of the sport. 1. BelgiumNo country in the world takes cycling so seriously. This doesn’t mean that all 10 million Belgians love cycling, just as all Canadians don’t follow Ice Hockey and all Japanese aren’t into Sumo. … Read more