National Teams in the ProTour

Since any more detail on the Aussie team under Shane Bannan is vague for now, I wanted to review the broader concept behind the Aussie squad, namely that we are seeing the emergence of several national teams. In an age when the sport is supposed to be moving towards attracting global brands, we are seeing … Read more

Cavendish makes the front pages

As well as celebrity gossip about footballers and the royal family, a regular feature of The Sun, Britain’s top selling “newspaper”, is the Page 3 Girl. Every day a big picture of a semi-naked woman appears on page 3 of the newspaper, to the delights of the largely male readership (and the desperation of the … Read more

Unpicking Team Sky from British Cycling

Which van, man? I’ve written before about the inherent conflict of interest between British Cycling, the governing body and Team Sky, the ProTour cycling team. A lot of the Sky staff are actually British Cycling officials, meaning many critical people are part-timers caught between two roles and two paymasters. Here’s Britain’s Guardian on this matter: … Read more

Brailsford confused over Commonwealth Games

Which hat is he wearing today? Europeans and some Americans might wonder what the Commonwealth Games are all about: they are a mini-Olympics for the Commonwealth, a group of countries largely based around the old British empire. The latest edition of the games are about to start in Dehli and a row has blown up … Read more

Team Sky vs Great Britain?

A conflict of interest It’s hard to know where Team Sky ends and where British Cycling and its Olympic aspirations begin. An article over at, in turn taking up an article in the British newspaper The Guardian, suggests it’s something that now concerns the British government (and I’ve got memories of London’s Cycling Weekly … Read more

Small race, big crowds

Britain produces some very good riders but for a country visible from French shores, it does not have a much a race calendar. After all, only a handful of events are UCI-ranked, I think Slovenia has more. Many of the best British riders come from the track, not the road But thanks to Twitter I’d … Read more