Saturday Shorts

April and May were cloudy and wet across much of France and one consequence is that a lot of crops are slow to grow. A big problem for farmers and the nation’s giant agribusiness… but also minor headache for photographers in the Tour de France.

On day when nothing much happens in the race if the sun is shining a photographer is sure to sell a photo of the bunch rolling past a field of sunflowers. It’s the sort of image that will make the front page of a newspaper even if most of the readership aren’t following the race. Only the crop in many parts of France is still some way from flowering.

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Monday shorts, Dirk Hofman time

Half Man Half Biscuit album

Sent in by a reader and posted to twitter, the photo above is from the album sleeve of “90 Bisodol (Crimond)” by British band Half Man Half Biscuit. Dirk Hofman enters pop culture. Bonus points if you can name the biblical art and the artist.

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Going to Roubaix?

If you’re going to Roubaix and the surrounding area there is an annual art exhibition in nearby Lille that celebrates sport and art, with this year’s edition being dedicated to cycling. As well as photography and installations, there will also be workshops and even bicycle ballet. Anyone going to watch Paris-Roubaix might want to add … Read more

Re-cycling: bicycles as art and design

There’s a nice small feature on bikes and design from The Guardian, including Wouter Mijland’s “limobike” as pictured above. The theme is re-using old bikes and components to create something new, from furniture to fashion. Click here to see more examples.