The Christmas Holiday Quiz

A Christmas quiz with 40 questions. Some are obvious, some are odd, many can’t be Googled and a few are fiendish and sometimes it’s the answers that raise more questions.

1. Dressed in red and white, name the rider above who has delivered plenty already?

2. Can you name the place visited en route during a grand tour that has the word “santa” in its name?

3. In Britain and other places the second day of Christmas is called “Boxing day“. Which cyclist enjoys boxing and sparring in their spare time?

That Was The Year That Was
4. Who won the UCI World Rankings?

5. Which pro raced the most in 2018?

6. Name a new race on the pro calendar this year?

7. Name a race than vanished from the calendar?

8. Which team saw all of its riders abandon or eliminated during a World Tour stage race this year meaning none of their riders finished?

9. How many times did a rider from a Pro Conti team win a World Tour race?

Perks and Quirks
10. The Four Days of Dunkerque actually lasts six days. Name another race on the calendar who’s name is an approximation of the number of days it takes place over.

11.Which grand tour has an official pet food supplier?

12. The Vuelta a España has a bovine mascot. Called what?

13. EF Education First-Drapac have a mascot too. What’s its name?

14. Lotto-Jumbo, soon to be Jumbo-Visma, is also a speed skating team. Can you name another pro squad that is also involved in a different sport?

15. Name a reigning national champion who has had a road named after them?

16. Colombians have been in the pro peloton for decades. Who was the first Colombian to win a pro race in Europe?

17. Which rider has started more editions of the Tour de France than anyone else?

18. Which rider has finished more editions of the Tour de France than anyone else?

19. Which year was the yellow jersey first introduced to the Tour de France?

20. Is this cycling’s greatest photo? Maybe, maybe not but which rider won?

21. What was the highest altitude race or stage finish in the World Tour this year?

22. Outside Milan-Sanremo which is so long it has a derogation from the UCI rules, which was the longest distance for a day’s racing on the pro calendar?

23. What percentage of the world’s 195 countries does the World Tour visit?

When They Were Young

24. Who’s rider in the yellow and blue jersey who thinks he’s won?

25. Who’s this honing their skills during the winter?

26. Which time trial champ is this on the start ramp?

Hors Course – Away from the races
27. Name the last grand tour winner who resides in the country they race for?

28. Arnaud Démare grows vegetables in his garden and keeps chickens. Name one of the birds.

29. Connor Dunne and Larry Warbasse’s NoGo Tour made lemonade out of a bucket of lemons sent their way. Tim Wellens and Thomas de Gendt rode back from Lombardia this year too. Can you name another pro who went bikepacking and documented their journey before them?

30. Nevermind touring for fun, name a World Tour pro who took part in an official sports competition away from cycling this year.

As seen on TV
31. In which year was the first summit finish broadcast live?

32. Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett formed a famous TV commentary tandem. Can you name the first duo to report on cycling?

33. The Giro was one race where rider power output was shown to television viewers. When was this first done live on TV?


34. “Du pain, du vin, du boursin” is an advertising slogan that’s been used around the world both in print and on TV. What’s its connection to cycling?

35. What’s the annual fee for a UCI World Tour licence for a men’s team?

Chief Commissaire

37. What’s the maximum number of race days a pro can do per year according to the UCI rules?

38. What’s the minimum and maximum number of days a Grand Tour can last?

Picture Round

39. Who is this?

40. Who’s this?

If you’ve made it this far, well done. Unlike some competitions this isn’t an email harvesting exercise masquerading behind a simple question. It’s a lot of work to answer the questions but I thought it’d be fun to cover a wide scope and have questions that can’t be answered just by trawling Google or Wikipedia. Have a go in the comments below and of course it’s like a bike race, you might launch your effort only to find someone else benefits by waiting in your slipstream. Competition closes at midnight Euro time on 28 December.

22 thoughts on “The Christmas Holiday Quiz”

  1. 1. Matthieu Van Der Poel
    2. Santa Maria
    3. Nacer Bouhanni
    4. Simon Yates
    5. Alessandro De Marchi
    6. Tour of Gaungxi
    7. Tour of Hengzaou
    8. Dimension Data
    9. Once
    10. Driedaagse de Panne Koksijde
    11. Vuelta
    12. Toro
    13. Barney
    14. FDJ
    15. Arthur Vichot
    16. Lucho Herrera
    17. Sylvain Chavanel
    18. Sylvain Chavanel
    19. 1919
    20. Jaques Anquetil
    21. Giro D’Italia- Zoncolan stage
    22. Tour of Flanders
    23. 8%
    24. Dylan Groeneweggen
    25. Luke Rowe
    26. Rohan Dennis
    27. Nairo Quintana
    28. Jeff
    29. Taylor Phinney
    30. Nacer Bouhanni
    31. 1974
    32. No
    33. 2017
    34. Sponsors TDF
    35. €20,000
    37. 100
    38. 21
    39. Larry Warbasse
    40. Edvald Boassen Hagen

    • Like a true sprinter, I’ll go with your lead-out apart from
      25. Bob Jungels
      26. Michael Kwiatkowski
      39. Max Scachmann
      40. Egan Bernal


  2. 1. Adam Toupilak
    2. Santa Ninfa, Giro d’Italia Stage 5
    3. Nacer Bouhanni
    4. Alejandro Valverde
    5. Eugert Zhupa (97 days)
    6. Hammer Hong Kong
    7. Velothon Wales
    8. Dimension Data
    9. 1 – Eduard Prades (Tour of Turkey)
    10. Driedaagse Brugge – De Panne
    11. Giro d’Italia (Morando)
    12. Tei-Tei
    13. Argyle
    14. Delko Marseille Provence KTM, with the latter being a motorbike brand involved (with Red Bull) in MotoGP
    15. Alejandro Valverde (intersecting with Avenida Miguel Indurain in Murcia)
    16. Martìn Emilio Rodríguez
    17. Sylvain Chavanel (18)
    18. Joop Zoetemelk, George Hincapie and Sylvain Chavanel (all 16 finishes)
    19. 1919 (anecdotally, 1913)
    20. Julio Jimenez
    21. Gran Sasso d’Italia – 2135m (Stage 9, Giro d’Italia)
    22. Tour of Flanders – 264.7km
    23. 15 / 195 = 7.6%, plus two additional countries in 2018 (Israel in the Giro, and Andorra in the Vuelta) = 8.7%
    24. Sacha Modolo at the Trofeo Palma in 2014, beating Jens Debusschere (Lotto Soudal) into second and an over-celebrating Dylan Groenewegen into third.
    25. Mathieu van der Poel
    26. Rohan Dennis
    27. Tom Dumoulin
    28. Margotte and Cracotte
    29. Lachlan Morton’s Thereabouts 1-3 series (Australia, US and Colombia)
    30. –
    31. 1958, Col d’Aubisque
    32. –
    33. Abu Dhabi Tour, 2016
    34. –
    35. €80,000
    36. No 36?
    37. 85 – but can be exceeded if the team can demonstrate adequate rest
    38. 15-23 days
    39. Maximillian Schachmann
    40. Egan Bernal

  3. some googling results here
    5. Most race days Eugert Zhupa 99 days
    6. Great War Remembrance Race (1.1)
    7. Tour of Alberta
    9. Pro Conti won 1 GC stage race (Turkey) and 5 stages.
    21. Sant Lary Soulan (Tour stage 17 the short stage)
    25. Wout van Aert?
    34. Slogan created by Jean Pierre Carenso, Tour de France Director appointed in 1989

  4. 1. Matthieu VAN DER POEL
    2 Santarcangelo di Romagna. 12th stage, Giro or Santa Eufemia. 8th stage. Vuelta
    3 Nacer Bouhanni
    4 Alejandro VALVERDE (4168 points)
    Annemiek VAN VLEUTEN (1923,86 points)
    5 Only races of category .1 or above and finished races
    Gorka IZAGIRRE: 91 days and 13 723,9
    Alessandro DE MARCHI: 90 days and 14 260 km
    6 Men: Colombia Oro y Paz (2.1)
    Women: Driedaagse Brugge – De Panne (1.WWT)
    7 Tour d’Azerbaïdjan (2.1) or Tour of Alberta (2.1)
    8 UAE-Team Emirates in Paris – Nice
    9 GC: One: Eduard Prades, Euskadi – Murias, Tour of Turkey
    Stages: 5. Hivert and Cousin (DEN) in Paris-Nice, Van der Hoorn (ROP) in Binck Banck, Rodríguez (EUS) and Bouhanni (COF) in Vuelta a España
    10 Driedaagse de Panne Koksijde (Three Days of Bruges–De Panne) was a one-day race in 2018 and it also will in 2019.
    11 Giro d’Italia: Morando
    12 Tei-Tei
    13 Argyle the Crocodile
    14 The Astana Presidential Club has teams in boxing, cycling, hockey, football and basketball
    15 Pascal Ackerman. Minfeld, his hometown, named a street after him in January 2017 when he was the German U23 road race champion.
    16 Giovanni Jimenez Ocampo
    17 Sylvain Chavanel: 18 (from 2001 to 2018)
    18 Joop Zoetemelk: 16 (1970-1973 and 1975-1986)
    Sylvain Chavanel: 16 (2001-2006, 2008-2011 and 2013-2018)
    19 According to official Tour de France records, the first yellow jersey was worn by race leader Eugène Christophe prior to the 11th stage of the 1919 edition.
    20 12-July-1964: Julio Jiménez was the winner of the stage. Poulidor was 3rd and Anquetil, 5th.
    21 Highest finish: Tour de France: Saint-Lary-Soulan Col du Portet (2215 ASL) 17th stage
    Highest altitude: Tour of California: Carson Pass Summit (2615 ASLn) 13th stage
    22 Ronde van Vlaanderen – Tour des Flandres (1.UWT) 264.7 km
    23 17 of 195: 8.7%
    24 Dylan Groenewegen in 2014 Trofeo Mallorca
    25 Lilian Calmejane
    26 Rohan Dennis
    27 Geraint Thomas, Tour de France 2018, Great Britain
    28 Cracotte
    29 Lachlan Morton, Thereabouts
    30 Thibaut Pinot: La Transjurassienne, a cross-country skiing race at 11th, February.
    31 1958, Stage 15 at Mont Ventoux (ITT)
    32 Robert Chapatte and Patrick Chêne
    33 1989 in the Tour de France
    34 Jean-Pierre Carenso, the creator of the slogan became a director of the Tour de France
    35 For 2018: 85’500 €
    36 —
    37 85 days in road competitions (excluding those with their respective National Federation). If a rider is in excess, the sports director may be required to demonstrate the rider in question was afforded with adequate care and rest.
    38 Minimum: 15 days. Maximum: 23 days
    39 Max Schachmann
    40 Egan Bernal

  5. 1 Mathieu vd Poel
    2 Santa Ninfa
    3 Nacer Bouhanni
    4 Valverde
    5 Zhupa
    6 Great War Remembrance Race
    7 Tour of Alberta
    8 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UAE during Paris-Nice <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    9 Once: Eduard Prades won Tour of Turkey for Euskadi Basque Country – Murias
    including stages: 6
    Cousin & Hivert during PN
    vdHoorn during BinckBank
    Bouhanni & Rodriguez during the Vuelta Espana
    10 Driedaagse de Panne Koksijde
    11 Giro D'Italia (Morando)
    12 Tei-Tei
    13 Argyle the Crocodile (it has it own Instagram account :))
    15 Pascal Ackermann; the Pascal Ackermann – Weg in Minfeld
    16 Martín Emilio Rodríguez
    17 Sylvain Chavanel (18)
    18 Sylvain Chavanel & Joop Zoetemelk (16) (Hincapie finished 16 times as well but 3 finishes (results) got scrapped from his palmares by USADA)
    19 1919 (Nice joke :D)
    20 Julio Jiménez
    21 Stage 17 of the Tour de France (Col de Portet)
    22 Ronde van Vlaanderen
    23 17/195 = 8,7% (AUS, UAE, BEL, ITA, FRA, ESP, NED, SUI, GER, ISR, USA, GBR, POL, AND, CAN, TUR, CHN)
    24 Dylan Groenewegen
    25 Luke Rowe
    26 Rohan Dennis
    27 Nairo Quintana
    28 Margotte and Cracotte
    29 Lachlan Morton
    30 Thibaut Pinot
    31 1963 (not counting ITT's otherwise Mont Ventoux 1958)
    32 Smeets & Nelissen? (starting in 80s)
    33 Tour de Suisse 2016
    34 Former Tour Director Jean-Pierre Carenso invented the slogan.
    35 Zero
    36 Hidden Question?
    37 No maximum
    38 Between 15 and 23 days including rest days
    39 Max Schachmann
    40 Egan Bernal

    • In addition to my quick post of last night above I seem to have missed Q14:
      14 Novo Nordisk, as diabetes team they sponsor multiple athletes with diabetes of which the cycling team is the front runners but includes all kind of athletes.

      And as I missed the clue of Q2 I would like to change the answer to
      Santa Margherita Di Belice during the stage 5 of the Giro.

  6. 1 – Van der Poel
    2 – No idea, can only think of Santander
    3 – Bouhanni
    4 – Yates, I guess?
    5 – I vaguely recall it being Eudgert Zhupa
    6 – Driedaagse De Panne for women, Oro y Paz for men
    7 – Tough one. Pro Otztaler, although that one might have been gone 2 years ago already
    8 – Sounds like a Katusha thing to do.
    9 – Two
    10 – Driedaagse De Panne
    11 – Sounds like a Giro thing.
    12 – Brilliant, no clue. El Toro, named after Tuur Decabooter?
    13 – Lance?
    14 – AG2R has snow crosscountry guys, not?
    15 – That’s awfully specific. Lampaert. No clue.
    16 – Contreras?
    17 – Zubeldia?
    18 – Zoetemelk
    19 – It’s debated, Thys claims he had one in 13 or 14 but I’m gonna go with the official 1919
    20 – Jimenez, I know that one.
    21 – Oh boy. The one in the Tour, but can’t recall the name.
    22 – Liege?
    23 – US, Canada, China, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Turkey, one of the Middle East ones which I always forget. 15/195 is 1 in 13, back of the envelope, I’ld say 7,7 %.
    24 – Groenewegen – what a picture.
    25 – Looks like a Van Aert to me.
    26 – Part of me wants to go on a limb and say Vasil Kyrienka, but he looks Dumoulinish.
    27 – Quintana?
    28 – Haha, brilliant. Marc.
    29 – Cyriel Van Hauwaert. You never said it had to be this year 😀
    30 – I think Betancur joined competitive eating competitions.
    31 – For some reason I think L’Alpe 1952 but that sounds unlikely
    32 – On tv? Not a single clue.
    33 – 2014
    34 – They used to give it away in the Tour caravane.
    35 – No idea. 40K?
    36 – Ehm…
    37 – 100
    38 – 22 to 24 (disregarding rest days)
    39 – Max Schachmann 😀
    40 – Egan Bernal?

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