Vuelta a España iCal

The Vuelta a España starts this weekend and here’s a calendar for your diary.

As ever this format proves very popular but it’s a tricky one for the Vuelta, which stages should you watch out for? There will be daily previews but until then the diary’s stages have a subjective star rating. This year’s race is backloaded with the best stages saved for late and the star rating will help guide your viewing but the early summit finishes are vital because they’ll reveal who’s got the VAM and the vamos and who has legs as responsive as cured jamón after an already long season.

If you’re familiar with ical files, here’s the URL for the ics file.

Save the ics / iCal / iCalendar file and you can import it into your electronic diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your iPhone / Outlook etc. The default settings have alerts turned off but check your device to avoid annoyance. Best of all, copy this URL and use it to subscribe to the calendar and this way any changes and updates will be pushed to your diary.

Alternatively if you use Google then see calendar below and the +Google Calendar link on the bottom-right. Note this method can work with Android phones when the iCal file might not.

Here’s the calendar of stages for you to see:

If you want more help on how to make use of this, see the page which has the calendar for all the main men’s and women’s pro races in 2017 and a fuller explanation of how to put a calendar into Outloook, an iPhone, your diary etc.

6 thoughts on “Vuelta a España iCal”

  1. It’s tremendously exciting.

    1. It’s a strong field
    2. The combination of those with the Tour in their legs, those fresh and those desperate — or some combination of the three.
    3. At least three stages that I can see which look better than anything since the Giro.

    At the very _least_, on the last two Saturdays, the penultimate Sunday, and for the TT, the drama and tension is going to be so thick and vivid it could be smelling salts.

    Can’t wait.

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