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Sponsors of this website get an appreciative message of thanks on here and it’s time to say grazie mille to Prendas for their support during the Giro and beyond. The content on here doesn’t happen by itself and the generous backing from sponsors and readers through kit sales is essential to keeping the wheels turning. Thank-you to all.

Prendas Ciclismo are a UK retailer and a long time sponsor with sponsorship of this site and also the retailers of supporter jerseys, caps and socks. The UK shop specialises in cycle clothing with many vintage and replica jerseys as well as other specials like the tasteful Rocket Espresso jersey and more. When they’ve sponsored this site before readers have left kind comments to say how impressive the customer service is.

Support = better previews
One example of how Prendas helps is that if you’re enjoying the daily previews then the income generated by sponsorship and kit sales helps to make these happen. Not just as an incentive to create them every day, more a reason to divert into the Apennines and Alps in order to recon a tricky climb or an unknown finish so that the information about the route can be shared on the day of the race. It helps refine the previews but isn’t foolproof, a rough road explored in February turns out to be resurfaced in time for the Giro meaning it’s not as selective as predicted.

The Dauphiné prologue course. Yes.

Meanwhile the Critérium du Dauphiné starts in 10 days’ time and right now the upper part of the course is just a gravel road. It’s going to be tarmacked just in time say the town hall turning what looks like the most sinister prologue ever into a still savage uphill effort, 3.9km with 11 hairpins, several of which are very steep. Here’s a pre-preview shot on the gravelly part:

As steep as it looks

Where’s that tipjar?
In the meantime the often-mentioned tipjar feature here is a bit like the UCI World Tour reform: promised but never delivered. While it seems increasingly likely the UCI is going to announce their plans are shelved in the coming days, a new way for readers who’d like to support this website is getting closer. Handling payments online, which we take for granted, require technical features to be tested and in the meantime the daily stage previews take up enough time given the need to collate everything from maps to weather, rider form to race photos.

Hopefully there’s more on this next month. Until then any supportive readers should check out the Prendas website, it’s only a click away:

If you or your business would like to sponsor this site during the summer please get in touch to find out more.

23 thoughts on “Thanks to Prendas Ciclismo”

  1. Had the socks (lightning fast delivery by the way) but am not a cap man, and have enough jerseys to see me to the grave, but what about an Inrng t-shirt?
    Or better still, limited edition t-shirts e.g. ‘The Human Coathanger’ (if he wins the Giro) or ‘Polynesia of traffic islands’ (my favourite), ‘Roads to Ride’ or other literary gems that are in the archives?
    Maybe a tad cheesy but, what the hell, I’m sure that they’d go like hot cakes?

    A donate facility is ok though, as long as it’s not solely that Pay Pal whoosis – Postal Order for me 🙂

  2. got the jumper cap and socks – in danger of looking like a full kit w****r – just need the bib shorts!

    Prendas super efficient and friendly every time, and thank you for sponsoring Inrng.

    • Full kit w*****r is a term I miss from the UK.

      Here in Oz, everyone’s a full kit fashion victim. Just check out today’s FFS. I think we need an update to MAMIL. MAPIL? P for Princess.

      • I taught my girlfriend this phrase and its one of her favourites (as well as one of mine). Living in London she sees a fair amount of them! Also useful for grownups playing football, or football fans.

  3. Thanks to all the sponsors who help keep this essential reading coming thick and fast. I too would be interested in some “casual” attire adorned with some of the author’s finest quotes, but appreciate that producing something like that isn’t just a case of snapping your fingers.

  4. My comment is easy – I never bought from Prendas until you generously sponsored here. Now I do, and I tell my friends. Thank you!

  5. Loving my Inrng jersey now the weather is finally warm enough to get it out on display and it’s beautifully made too. I even shared my first in ride Inrng discussion as I passed a fellow rider the other day plus, of course, it’s given me at least an extra 50W (shame I started from zero really).

  6. Found Prendas through this site so you can tell them it works as I now have three jerseys, pair of bibshorts, three casquettes and a couple of pairs of socks already(!) And yes superb customer service.

  7. Until the “CRAB BEING WINCHED UPHILL” leisurewear range arrives, bring on the tip jar! A fantastic site, and thanks Prendas also (great service when I’d ordered arm warmers too skinny even for me).

  8. Prendas is great! Inrng is great! All the folks who post on here are great! Now, get the damn tip jar set up so I can finally put some money where my big mouth is!!!

  9. Thanks Prendas for sponsoring this great site! I buy my cycling gear through my club, so I’m pretty useless as a customer, but if anyone ever asks you get a warm recommendation. Inrng: my creditcard is eager for that tip jar!

    • Apres cycling Inrng clothing, and a tip jar.

      Geographically challenged to justify expense of shipping just sox to California.

    • I buy most of my kit through my club too, but Prendas also sell socks, gloves, arms warmers and the like, so I have bought stuff from them and am a very satisfied customer.

  10. Another +1 for both Inner Ring and Prendas – I’ve now got the INRNG jersey (lovely it is too) and caps, to add to various other Prendas jerseys (Z and Peugeot are my personal favourites for the Robert Millar connection).

    Prendas service always excellent – very quick delivery and quality products.

    Many thanks and Keep up the good work to both INRNG and Prendas

  11. Never heard of Prendas before they started sponsoring inrng, now i’ve bought shed loads of stuff over the passed two years!

  12. Another +1 for Prendas and the Inrng jersey. It’s a lovely top and Prendas’ customer service is great, bought many items there now. Keep up the top work. Love this site.

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