Supporter Jerseys In Stock

The supporter jerseys are back in stock with Prendas Ciclismo. Made in Italy by Santini this is a lightweight jersey for summer. While stocks last.

Prendas Ciclismo

The original batch of jerseys sold out within a couple of days for many sizes and now fresh stock is back. If you haven’t seen the jersey before then the Prendas website has more pictures and if you’re tempted, check their sizing guide as this is detailed and helpful. If you’re still stuck, give the shop a call or send them an email as Mick and Andy of Prendas couldn’t be more helpful. If you are interested don’t wait because when the supporter caps were launched they sold out in a day. The price is £55 (roughly $87 / €76) plus postage.

INRNG supporter jersey

The colours are there… to add colour and they mimic the tones of the leaders jerseys in the three grand tours. The lightweight “Energy Microsense” fabric is designed for summer. If it helps mine weighs under 160 grams.

It has a full zip, the classic three pockets on the back plus an extra zipped pocket on the outside. The Santini logo on the back is reflective, handy if you’re in an unlit tunnel while climbing a mountain pass.

arm warmers

There are also matching arm warmers, see the Prendas Ciclismo website again. The supporter caps are also available too and new for summer, socks too.

Sales revenue is split between Prendas and me so if you buy a jersey, armwarmers, socks or a cap – or everything – you get some nice kit and also help keep the wheels of this website turning whether the bandwidth, the photography account, stage race recons and coffee.

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    • Received my jersey from the first batch, sizing was accurate and lots of positive comment on the kit so the socks were a no brainer. Glad that a portion of the proceeds are in support of the best cycling blog on the web, need my daily fix.

  1. Dear All

    Once again – thanks for all of the support for the INRNG products.

    Plenty of orders on our eCommerce system to deal with this morning that we’ll happily get picked and packed as quickly as is humanly possible.

    I appreciate the jersey design/specification/etc may not be to everybody’s taste, but we’ve tried our best to produce what we think is the most commercially viable product here.

    The whole point in the project was to generate some funds for INRNG whilst also allowing people to show their support for what is our favourite cycling blog.

    So to answer all of the Qs, in short the INRNG lines that are now available will not increase in the immediate future.

    Kind Regards

    Prendas Ciclismo

    • I love the design, so I am surprised by the naysayer comments above, but I guess you can never please everyone. Can’t wait for mine to arrive and to hit the road.

    • Utterly disgraceful that there’s no wool version available (much more sustainable than oil-based fibres, and much nicer thermo-regulation, wicking and drying properties to boot). Utterly unprofessional that Prendas and INRNG would go out of their way to annoy the minority of those more discerning, wool-wearing cyclists. Shame on you!


      (Tongue firmly in cheek, with an eye on Vanilla’s comment below – I would love a wool version though, but I know those are commercially much less attractive, even though wool is much much better! 🙂 ).

  2. Got my order in for the jersey yesterday and looking forward to huffing and puffing around the Cornish hills as a fine advert for this super blog.

  3. Am I mistaken or is size M sold out again already? Seriously??

    I’m starting to wonder about the professionalism of these prendismo characters Mr Ring. I would very much like to support this blog but their repeatedly annoying prospective customers wouldn’t have seemed like an ideal strategy I’d have thought.

    • ‘repeatedly annoying prospective customers’…. a little perspective here please. This is a blog, it’s free, we are here because we like it, but we are not ‘customers’ who have some sort of rights. Prendas/Santini are lending a hand to help out and I’ll guess are making very little if nothing out of it on our sample size. Please don’t put them off.. (the socks are great fyi)

      • Not you Noel, thats for V T. Prendas have been one of the MOST efficient and consistently professional retailers I have ever dealt with in over 23 years of purchasing cycle kit etc. This twerp starts questioning the blog and Prendas. Words fail me.

    • Sorry about this but these things just fly off the shelves with demand just exceeding anything we could think off, even knowing before how fast the last set of jerseys sold out and before that the caps.

      Apologies to any frustrated readers and your efforts to support this site are appreciated.

      • Apology more than accepted, and, for my part, Mr Ring I’m sincerely sorry if my comment came across as rather bitchy – by way of explanation it was quite frustrating being denied for a third straight time when trying to support this awesome blog by buying what is some very stylish kit.

        Anyway, I’ve been assured by Prendas that more supplies will be available sometime in July and this shortage isn’t some sort of elitist, ‘limited edition’ thing, despite what some other individuals who have commented here might prefer. I look forward to making a purchase in the future.

  4. The clothing biz is tough, especially when you choose 100% Made-in-Italy products created in small batches. We order our clothing this way (plenty of it from Santini in fact) and invariably end up with the “Holy-moly, we’re out of what size already?” as there’s NO way to know what sizes your customers will actually want. Same with rental bikes – we ordered ours based on overall sales data from the importer/distributor, which turned out to be rather unrepresentative of the sizes our clients required, leaving us with not enough small bikes and too many larger ones. I’m sure the Prendas guys are working hard to fill in the missing sizes, as is Santini.

  5. Saw one out on my commute yesterday, the INRG gear is a nice way to demonstrate enthusiasm for the sport (I had the socks on). As for the design, well absolutely anything beats the new Tinko Saxoff ‘camo’ kit!

  6. Proudly sporting one, have yet to come across a “team mate”, unfortunately. Hope to spur fellow rider’s curiosity, though, to inquire what INRNG is. To which I can then reply, with faux puzzlement: “Well, it’s the prime cycling blog of the blogosphere, of course!”

  7. Awesome kit. Have the jersey and cap, knowing nods and big smiles with others I’ve seen in London and Surrey Hills. It’s no surprise it sells out so quick, this blog is such a belter it deserves all the support it gets.

  8. How about creating a pre-order ? This way you have a good idea how many firm orders you’ll get and don’t have to deal with unsold item.

    Really hope I can clung into this jersey 🙁

  9. I ordered one of these one afternoon last week, it arrived the very next morning! Amazingly quick. Not really used Prendas before but will definitely do so again. I think the graphics look great, and the fit’s perfect too. I’m very happy to wear an advert for such an intelligent and insightful blog. I’m not 100% sure about the coloured bits on the back but then.. I don’t have to look at them : )

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