INRNG socks

The INRNG supporter socks have arrived. What you see is what you get, they’re black and have a 75mm medium high cuff. They’re made in Italy from Coolmax and Lycra. They’re for sale with UK shop Prendas Ciclismo.

The price is £6.95, roughly €9.50 / $10.50 plus postage and the Prendas website has them in several sizes. New clothing is great but it’s hard to beat that fresh sock feeling as Tinkoff-Saxo’s Chris Juul-Jensen blogged the other day over at Rouleur.

That’s it for clothing, the kit has sold very well but there are no plans for shorts, t-shirts or other branded items. Here are the links to the current items via Prendas:

INRNG jersey

If you want a jersey many sizes sold out within a two days of the kit going on sale. Fresh supplies from Italy are due soon.

Thank-you too all readers who have bought some kit and it’s been a pleasure to see photos from readers around the world, turning typing into something altogether more real. Buy some kit and not only do you get something to wear but a portion of the sales are split between Prendas and this site to help keep the wheels turning here.

27 thoughts on “INRNG Socks”

  1. I’d buy them but the website isn’t playing with any of the 3 browsers I’ve tried this morning. Haven’t had problems before.

    Now we just need bib shorts to complete the set.

    • Sorry. It was a great surprise that the caps sold out in hours and the jerseys within a couple of days but don’t want to go too far with things. As long as these sales and the ad revenues cover costs and make the time worthwhile then it’s all good.

  2. Finally. Ordered 2 pairs yesterday and told the world about it. Great idea, which will obviously sell out. Further down the summer pls consider inverted colors e.g. white where it’s black. I’d get bibs too. Hey man – anything to keep the word out and the site going. Congrats to your success.

      • Will think about it. Obviously doing a white version of things for 2016 is an idea but there’s a risk of changing kit like a football team and it means those who have bought might feel they have the “old” kit and that’s not meant to be bad.

        • I wasn’t going to mention white socks after the abuse I got before! BBQ tools indeed!! 🙂
          Now I’m not against black (I have plenty of black socks for winter riding), but white socks are the only things that make my legs look tanned!

      • I don’t post here, but do frequent the joint and want to support. But when I was in grade school back in the 60’s-70’s only the geeks wore black (or non-white socks) for gym class and I’ve never gotten my head past that. Armstrong had one big strike against him even before the drug hyjinx blew open.
        White only for me (and I’ll revisit purchasing a pair of bibs).

  3. I don’t think you should stop at covering costs. You created a really good brand and the kits are nice – milk the living daylights out of it.

    Absolutely the best cycling website bar none.

  4. Socked three to me.
    Alternatively, black and white options could be viewed in a cup half full football parallel: home and away kit.
    Finally, we, Canadians, pay +20% over the U.S. price. That’s some inner circle kind of commitment!

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