Housekeeping – Time for Breakaway

Tour de France drinks

A note to say I am away for the next two weeks with zero internet access.

But the blog continues with a range of articles cued up for automatic publication every day.

In the past readers have said I should go away more often as they liked the in absentia pieces so much. Often these are ideas that get queued up but never finished and this is a way to clear out the drafts folder.

There’s a mix coming up with pieces that look back at the past season, further back at Tour founder Henri Desgrange’s dark side as well as looking forward to the bike of the future. And more.

So check back here every day if you want something to read during the off-season.

32 thoughts on “Housekeeping – Time for Breakaway”

  1. It’s funny I was only thinking today on the train on the way in “hmmm INRNG must be due to a break soon”

    Sure enough here comes the post. Thanks for your efforts over the year, I love reading this blog and the updates from Europe come through overnight here in Oz so I nearly always read on the train on the way to work. A Great way to start day.

    • This is the Tempelhof airport in Berlin. Garmin VELOTHON has its route through it every year, both for pro peleton as well as for the amateurs. On any other day this airport is used as a park for anyone who wants to have an unlimited amount of free space for any range of activities. Lots of cyclist us it to train as the loop around the airport gives a good workout especially if you pick a windy day. Additionally if one wants he/she can go all out on one of two runways, lots of space and no one to bug you.
      INRNG please correct me if i am wrong.

    • Oh boy do I hate airport crits. Flat, wide open, usually windy. We have an airport crit venue that is used as part of two different stages races. Mind numbingly boring. IMHO. YMMV.

  2. Just a quick thank you for the great site and the time you take to share your love of the sport through your excellent writing and insights. Happy Holidays.

    • Gosh, and I thought that I must have missed a blog about the effects on heat on cyclists!

      Great blog especially, as you say, from a lone writer (male, female, bear or otherwise). I’m always amazed at the queued blogs when Inner Ring takes a holiday. Thank you! We ought to double your pay! 🙂

  3. Even if I did not follow cycling…I would follow this blog….enjoy your break wherever and what ever you are doing.

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