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Dirk Hofman ad

The website’s been well supported by in recent times but there’s space for a sponsor. If your business or your client would like to follow in the slipstream of Selle Italia, Strada Wheels, NeilPryde Bikes, Competitive Cyclist, Seven Cycles and Ride Cycle Review then read on.

If you are viewing this on the web then see that spoof Dirk Hofman motorhomes ad in blue? This space could be yours.

  • Any content can be included in the 240x240px box, whether static images or dynamic script
  • You get an advert on the mobile version (iPhone, Blackberry etc) of the site too plus the RSS and email feeds too
  • Exclusivity with no other ads on the page
  • Reach hundreds of thousands of intelligent English-speaking cycling enthusiasts every month

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more:

For readers: most people who view this note will be readers, not business owners or ad buyers. As a blog, this site isn’t a business and I only feature on ad at a time as I’d prefer to avoid a screen of blinking ads. But whether it’s buying photos from the Cor Vos agency or visiting races and checking race routes to write previews there are costs involved and the more revenue I get here, hopefully the better the coverage.

Also people often email to ask about a t-shirt. If anyone has any recommendations on a firm that could handle the production and distribution, drop me a message so I can look into this.

45 thoughts on “Sponsor The Inner Ring”

  1. The work you do , on our behalf , is truly appreciated ! However , i for one will not be able to enjoy your blog if it has ” blinking Ads “! They are hard to load in marginal Broadband areas , such as where i live ,and i rarely spend time looking at them , let alone wait for the next to appear .

    Would be grateful if you are able to pass a few ” sponsors ” my way , since i too have expenses riding the routes of the Grand Tours . This year would like to do more for ” world bike relief “, but getting one of their bikes around without the help of others could be the stumbling block ?

  2. Had to laugh when I saw the Dirk Hofman Motorhome ad, I thought : ‘that’s it they’re going global’…

    I agree on the INRNG jersey, I’d buy one ! Sorry not much help here re suggesting a company that could produce and distribute them.

  3. inrng should make both t shirt and jersey, i’m sure they would sell.

    I am also impressed, but not surprised, by the claim of hundreds of thousands of readers of the blog. Congrats Inrng!

    Of course flattery will get you anywhere, i am an ‘intelligent reader’ :-)!

    • I’ve thought about donations but it would probably make for an irregular income. Plus there are many readers that the space for an ad is valuable and it’s worked so far with many cycling companies renting the space.

  4. If adding to a stream of +1s has any effect I also add my +1 to the roar. I would happily donate and would love a T-Shirt. A little care by you in having people as opposed to a Google Bot selecting your advertising is much better too.. At least it’s relevant.

  5. Given the look of the website etc you’re obviously more than capable of sorting the artwork but if you do want a hand I’d be happy to help..

  6. Even a link on the site to a donation via Paypal or something would be OK with me. I bet there are plenty of other readers that also think the content here is worth something. But of course, buying a real INRNG jersey is way cooler than than just dropping some cash.

  7. + 1 for t shirts and Jersey’s. I would buy a couple a year as my subscription.

    Might be worth asking sufferfest who he gets to do his stuff

  8. My cycling team had bibs and jerseys made by capo – excellent quality. Not sure how it works, but Google could probably give you an answer.
    +1 on jerseys. + 1 on not minding more ads.

  9. I would most definitely buy and wear an INRNG tshirt. As far as cycling wear is concerned might I suggest a kit, bibs and jersey, made by Santini. I would go with a white kit with blue or black INRNG logo and a black or blue kit with white logo. ‘pro’ fit would be best!

  10. It is a joy to get such great analysis and comment from INRNG. I would happily do what little I could and buy a t-shirt / jersey. Best of luck in finding another sponsor.

  11. Im sure it wont be long before we see another reputable name in the sponsor slot, as this has to be one of the most informed and influential cycling blogsites in existence. I would buy a T-shirt, but of course that wont keep the blog running month after month.

    Whoever gets their name on this site doesnt just receive traffic, they also gain the kudos of being associated with what is for most of us, the go-to site for real news and opinion on our favorite sport. As they say, its a no-brainer…

  12. Surely some book publisher is willing to feature an ad here. I’ve bought more books because of INRNG reviews than anything else. Apart from that I +1 what everybody else is saying, this is the first website I go to every day (or the last one before I go to sleep).

  13. Another +1 on a jersey or a T-shirt. Now that Paul Smith is finished designing the new Giro jersey, maybe he could turn his attention to earning his stripes on a INRNG design?

    Good luck with the search for a sponsor, again like others I’d be happy to have a couple of ads on here if that helps but would rather that they were static unlike the car crash that certain other cycling news websites are becoming.

    Talking of other cycling websites and your kind compliment as to your “intelligent English-speaking cycling enthusiasts”, when you compare the insights provided by your blog and some of the commentators to the sheer lack of journalism provided by some of those sites and the utter drivel that comprises their “comments”, long may INRNG live!

  14. Have you ever considered Kickstarting your site for running costs? Much like what Penny-Arcade did (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pennyarcade/penny-arcade-sells-out)

    Basically it gives fans a chance to directly fund your site ad-free for a period of time. Not sure how many readers you have here but i’d pay $15 to support this site and for no blinking ads. Crowd-funding, it’s the future.

    You could also have a jersey/t-shirt reward tier.

    Just a thought.

  15. You could run a preorder for the run of jerseys, shirts, hats, then you dont have to sit on inventory. I’d buy a jersey.

    Have you hit up rapha or fairwheel bikes?

  16. Been reading for a while but first time I’ve felt the need to comment
    Add my name for a jersey, but I’m just a bit bigger than “Pro” fit. My club use Griffo at “myteamgiordana.com”, good kit and reasonably priced

  17. What would the T-Shirt / Jersey say?

    Perhaps, I am the Inrng?

    Jersey etc would probably good. But I won’t go as far as saying I’d buy one, but I’d be tempted.

    I think just the logo with some combo of black / white would look great.

  18. Have you contacted Dirk Hofman Motorhomes (or Tornado Tom Frites) to see if they’d be interested in sponsoring? 🙂

    I’m warm on the idea of a jersey ( I have too many already) but would love a tee-shirt and/or mug. As for the design – keep it dead simple. Just the logo- //INRNG. -would be enough for me. Those of us here will understand.

  19. What about some form of subscription service where for a small fee (couple of €) every few months the best articles (judged by The Inner Ring) are packaged up into a nice PDF and sent to subscribers.

    Type of thing I am thinking of are the historical articles, articles on rule and the business side of pro-cycling. might make a nice collection given the quality of the writing.

    Oh, and the jersey/t-shirt idea is great.


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