2013 Calendar and iCal

Pro cycling’s off season is arriving but if the racing stops, the planning doesn’t. Whether you’re plotting a victorious classics campaign or a trip to Europe you need to know when the pro races are.

Here’s the 2013 pro cycling calendar. It is blank for October but skip into 2013 and you’ll find the races appear. In addition below you’ll find a link to download an iCal file to import the same calendar into your organiser, phone and computer diary.

All of the major UCI pro races around the world are included. Several races vanished in 2012 and it’s probably more will drop off given the economic woes but I’ll try to update as changes occur.

Each race is listed with its location and UCI status as a suffix, eg World Tour, 1.1 or 2.HC.

  • WT means World Tour and includes all the prime races on the calendar, from the three grand tours (Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana) to the one day classics like Paris-Roubaix, the Tour of Flanders and Il Lombardia, as well as others like the Tour of Poland or the Tour Down Under and can be anywhere in the world. All 18 UCI Pro Teams must ride plus organisers may invite UCI Pro Continental Teams.

After this come races in different races that are grouped by region, with the UCI Asia Tour, UCI America Tour, UCI Africa Tour and UCI Oceania Tour and UCI Europe Tour. The bulk of races on the calendar above are in Europe with races like the Het Nieuwsblad, the Criterium International or the Tour of Denmark but we also find races like the Tour of California and the Tour de Langkawi.

  • HC is the next level down and up to 70% of the teams may come from the UCI Pro Teams but UCI Pro Continental and UCI Continental teams can be invited
  • .1 is another step down where up to 50% of the teams can be UCI Pro Team with the rest from Pro Continental, Continental and also national teams
  • There is also .2 but I’ve excluded these races to keep the calendar concise and focus on the top pro races around the world
  • Note 1.HC and 1.1 denotes a one day race and 2.HC or 2.1 means a stage race
  • Women’s races are W1.1 etc and the biggest races are the Women’s World Cup with the W.WC label

iCal download
You can download the calendar for your organiser, phone, computer and other devices :

Save the ics / iCal / iCalendar file and you can import it into your electronic diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your iPhone / Outlook etc.

There is a permanent link to the calendar at the top of the inrng.com home page.


19 thoughts on “2013 Calendar and iCal”

  1. Brilliant idea, downloading as we speak……. can we pencil in the impending doping issues, USADA Dossier publication and Frank Schlecks appearance before the Luxembourg geeks sometime in October 2013 !!!!

    I had hoped you have added the dates of the next rounds of the Miss Cicclismo competition as well..;0)

  2. Many thanks. Looking forward to another year of racing already (as well as your coverage of it and the winter months in between times).

  3. Must echo all the thanks for this. The one that you produced for this current season has been invaluable to me in trying to get my head around all the various races. On a slightly different but related point. I want to try and make it to watch my first race in the new season. Where would you (and the knowledgeable people below the line) recommend that I go. What would be the best experience and where is the best place to watch a particular race. Any thoughts gratefully received. Cheers Ian

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