Podcast Review: Cycling Central & Radio Vélo

Australian broadcaster SBS covers most of cycling in Australia with the rights to the Tour de France and plenty more, including the Cycling Central website.

In recent months there’s been a regular podcast offering comment and analysis from their staff. And tagged on to this is a quick mention of a new French radio show, Radio Vélo.

The Cycling Central podcast features Anthony Tan, Al Hinds and Philip Gomes who all chip in to discuss the week’s events. There’s often a retrospective of a race but they are not reading the results, instead there’s analysis of tactics and other factors all in a relaxed tone. Other news items are discussed, for example this week’s edition features the sad tale of Japanese riders being pulled out from races in China and there’s also a look at the Paul Kimmage case and why it’s backfiring so much for the UCI.

As you might expect this is pitched for an Australian audience, for example discussion of the world championships featured a review of how the Aussies did and there is coverage of the local scene in the latter half… by which time you can tune out if this isn’t for you. But coverage of the Aussie riders in the main pro races isn’t just for locals, it gives insight into a big segment of the pro peloton, from Cadel Evans to Richie Porte to the Orica-Greenedge team.

Overall it’s enjoyable and if it’s too Aussie for some it’s still got something of interest each week. For now you can download it from Soundcloud, perhaps it would be more accessible for many if it was via iTunes?

It’s all at soundcloud.com/cycling-central


Despite being the home of the Tour de France, the French as well served for cycling coverage as you might think. Certainly there are some good local websites but it’s not proportionate to the volume of racing in the country. For example there’s only one podcast on French cycling: Radio Vélo.

This is actually a live radio show that is broadcast once a week and then the audio is made available to download soon after. Like the Cycling Central podcast this is local although even more so because it again features analysis from international races but quickly jumps into local races in France, in particular the amateur scene from south-western France. This localism won’t be for many… but it’s all there is in France. Nevertheless the sunny torrent de cailloux southern accents from Nicolas Le Cheviller and his colleagues are enough to keep your ears warm on the coldest day, especially since the conversation is enthusiastic. Most of the readers here come from English-speaking countries but on the chance you’ve been hunting for some French content here it is and it’s worth supporting their enthusiasm.

It’s hosted at radiovelo.fr

18 thoughts on “Podcast Review: Cycling Central & Radio Vélo”

  1. I really enjoy the Cycling Central podcast but their use of Sound Cloud make listening so hard I generally don’t bother. The system only allows you to stream content so you have to be sitting still on a single source connection. If you are moving or relying on mobile downloads forget it, it hangs and drops out.

  2. I’m sure I speak for all Australian’s with an interest in cycling when I say that I really appreciate what SBS do for us. They battle to get more and more coverage every year and if they can’t put it on TV, they stream it via their site.
    The UCI track worlds this year was excellent. They streamed every session from ~2-10pm every day, and on the sunday night they had both the track worlds on one channel and the Paris-Roubaix on the same time. Imagine, track worlds and P-R on free to air!
    They’ve even bred Matt Keenan as a commentator, and although I never used to like him I rate him above Phil n Paul now.
    Chapeau SBS, I tip my hat to you!

    • Agree ! and the TDF coverage extras with Gabriel Gate on French food/regions are great. My wife who loves cycling for the helicopter shots, really tunes into the whole foodie thing. Can’t wait for the whole thing to restart in 2013. Matt Keenan needs an offsider though, his knowledge is extensive, but needs an ex-pro doing the strategy pieces – I feel slightly sorry for him having no downtime when broadcasting.

        • Oi tink oi was listening to “making the calculations” n spokesmen. But you’re right, Scott is pretty spot on – did he also do the Fox Olympic RR cycling co-commentary with oh whats his name, that guy from South Africa ….

  3. My wife and l love Anthony Tan (‘Tannie’)! That’s not to say we dislike any of the other CC presenters or commentators.

    It’s funny watching when he’s on camera with Mike T who seems to sneer at Tannie’s opinion. Odd.

    Go the Tan Man!

  4. SBS have put together a world beater. Their coverage live of all three Pro Tours was a cracker no wonder I’m using eye drops after losing so much sleep.
    Matt does a ripper job (was a bit unsure at some earlier commentaries ) Unreal how much information he has stored in that brain,Scott McGrory teams up well and that keeps it moving well
    Love Tan mans lary jackets ,
    To all our SBS crew brilliant

  5. Keenan is terrific and the prince in waiting. However the Tan Man is called ‘Charisma Bypass Guy’ in my house due to his terrible delivery style. No doubting his extensive knowledge and lairy jackets but they don’t compensate for the lack of an engaging personality. Same with KathyBates, lovely gal, no doubt, but no thanks with respect to on-camera style.

  6. I think both of these are great but probably the most entertaining podcast is Speed Metal Cycling… It s like street tacos, taste greats and don’t worry about it what goes in it 🙂

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