It’s Millar Time – Book Giveaway

There’s one remaining copy of David Millar’s autobiography “Racing Through the Dark” to give away. As a reminder the publisher’s offered me a review copy but I’d already reviewed the book when it came out in Europe so there was no point getting another review copy.

Instead they offered to send three copies to give away to readers of the blog. I’ve done this via a quiz. The trouble is finding an answer that people can’t get from an internet search in six seconds.

Guess the word count of the story.

Rules: post your answer in the comments section, don’t email or send a tweet.

Feel free to use a pseudonym and you don’t have to leave your email in the field before leaving the answer. I’ll send the book airmail to anywhere on the planet.

I’ll pick the winner in due course. If there’s a tie I’ll use a random function to select a winner.

169 thoughts on “It’s Millar Time – Book Giveaway”

  1. The word count of the book or the review? The word count of the review, including the cover quote, is 1,406. Without the quote, it’s 1,365. If you mean the whole of Millar’s book, it’s 347 pages – quite long for an autobiography – so at 500 words per page, that would be 175,000 or so. So, that’s my guess.

  2. How long is due course? I’ve been waiting for the book to be cheaper here in the states and I’d buy it, but I’d love to win it!

    Incidentally, Millar’s stage win in the Tour was pure gold!

  3. 125,000 is the word count according to the publisher. A coin flip between PJJ and LCD Abdujaparov…

    Coin says… LCD Abdujaparov.

    Thanks for all the entries. I have another book – a different one – to give away soon and it comes with some bonus extras.

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