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Selle Italia factory

Enjoying the Tour de France? If you’re visiting these pages for previews and information then note that Selle Italia sponsor this website and without them the coverage would not be the same. So this is another message of thanks to them.

Their sponsorship has helped directly, for example making it viable to visit the Planche des Belles Filles, the Grand Colombier and the Arc-Besançon TT route in order to get useful information beyond the stage profiles and average gradients. Ok, the trips were combined with other activities but nevertheless the support and growing level of readership encouraged me to swing off the autoroute and head for the hills armed with notebook, laptop and, of course bike.

Selle is Italian for “saddle” and along the way the company has provided seats for Merckx, Moser, Pantani and others. Founded outside Milan in 1897, today the company is based in the Treviso area of Italy in a modern factor pictured above. I wrote about the concentration of cycling shoe makers in the region before (“Italy’s backwards shoemakers“) and Selle Italia is only a short walk from the Sidi and Gaerne factories as well as others. It makes sense when you think about it as early saddles and cycling shoes shared the same manufacturing tradition, namely leather goods that needed skill to shape and stitch the final product together.

There’s a concious decision to keep advertising to a minimum, I don’t want a page of flashing adverts, there is only one advertiser at a time. So thanks to Selle Italia for their support. Mille grazie.

Selle Italia

27 thoughts on “Thanks to Selle Italia”

  1. Once again thank you Sella Italia!
    My new cross frameset is going to paint next week.
    True to my Giro word I’m ordering a new OG Flite for the coming race season.

  2. Thanks Selle Italia. This blog is a worthwhile investment for any cycling related manufacturer.

    Inrng, would love to hear more about the company, it’s history, etc. in your unique style. I, for one, would not find it overly commercial in the least.

  3. Despite enjoying Selle SMP as an official supplier, BRAVI to the folks at Selle Italia for helping keep Inner Ring on the web. I’ll put the arm on SMP in a couple of months when I’m at Interbike to see if they’ll pony up in the future. As readers here know, I’m biased as hell in favor of MADE IN ITALY stuff and these guys are the real thing. A couple of things the Italians still dominate – the best cycling shoes and bicycle saddles – may it always be so.

  4. Question is does selle need any advertising? Seems like over here most people spending serious time on their bikes are riding fizik or selle. With the latter it’s flite or SLR.
    Speaking of which, I spent 3hrs glued to my flite today… my other two bikes sat patiently adorned with the same. Well cousins… flite new, flite genuine gel & flite team 🙂

  5. Selle Italia and INRNG = great partnership.

    I’m grateful for Selle’s sponsorship because this is the finest cycling blog on the internet. INRNG grows like rabbits multiply, and it’s no wonder because the distinctive features, journalistic excellence and attention to detail stands above everyone else. My brain is happy with my daily fix of INRNG.

    My body thanks Italian quality, especially my bum and my tootsies 🙂

  6. Thanks INRNG for this great blog and thaks SI for supporting it. As long as the advertising is there to make the blog possible, and not the other way around as for the commercial sites, I’m totally fine with it.

    • Second that.

      After clicking the banner and looking at the new SLR Superflow I ordered one and already made the first miles on it. It is a pleasure to have such a fine saddle.

  7. Thanks Selle Italia for supporting my favourite blog. I had SLR in past and loved it. Very clever designed saddles. Turbo and Flite and now SLR are classics.

  8. Can I just say something about Selle Italia. I have never received better service anywhere for something cycling related (or anything for that matter) then from Selle Italia. My SLR kit carbonio was about 18 months old and the black leather was starting to fade quite badly. I decided to email the company to see if they had any tips on fixing or reducing the look of the problem. They requested a few photos and then to my surprise they simply requested me to return the saddle to them in Italy and they would replace it with a new one, no receipt, no questions asked!! A level of service that is simply brilliant. I continue to tell this story to everyone and now I rave on more and more about this company and my saddle that is a joy to ride. And I now discover they support this blogto help make it into what it is. This company can do no wrong……Brilliant!!!

  9. My C2 gel is one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve had, even good for a recent 293 km jaunt up to north Wales in May (10 hours so a wee bit slow). Not surprised that the home of Milan To San Remo knows how to make a saddle for this distance

    DopeToWin: hope that you break the Brooks in before it breaks you, those saddles might be good for a round the world, but they do take quite a while to settle in!!

  10. a simple thank you to you both doesn’t go far enough but it’s all I have. Never normally swayed by advertising but for my next saddle I will definitely consider one of these, especially with all the positive comments from people on here who know a lot more than I ever will.

  11. I tried a few Selle Italias and sadly never got on with them, but their customer service and the quality of their products attracted me. They really are lovely to look at and hold.
    An article on their history would be interesting.

  12. I have a Selle Italia test saddle on my bike right now. Your sponsor should know that at least part of my decision to buy Selle Italia came from the sponsorship here.

    Thanks for a great blog. Keep up the good work!

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