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The Inner Ring will be looking to the five rings of the Olympics shortly and to start, you can now download a calendar of events for your electronic diary on a phone or computer.

inrng2012OlympicCycling.ics [right-click to save, see below for more tech support].

The Tour de France ical was surprisingly popular so I’ve put together a similar version for the Olympic games… but only the cycling of course.

Each event appears with the timing during the day, for example the men’s road race is on Saturday from 10.00am to 4.30pm London time (GMT+1). I’ve chose the local time and hopefully your calendar will adjust them to your local time.

All events are listed from the road to the track, BMX and MTB. Note if there’s a program of events on the velodrome the timings can change if events overrun, for example if there’s a crash and the track needs some repairs.

Tech support
Over to you to incorporate it with whatever software you might use. Normally On a desktop or laptop computer the best way is to right-click on the file link above and save the .ics file. Then import the file to your electronic diary. With an iPhone just click on the link and select “Open in Calendar” when prompted and should get incorporated into your diary. One or two clicks and it’s on your phone / Outlook etc calendar.

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  1. Unfortunately not looking forward to track at the olympics, have progressively seen olympic track cycling being butchered, first the kilo then the individual pursuit. I won’t be able to help thinking how much better it could have been if the classic races had been retained. Omnium? Come on!

    • Largely due to the IOC restricting number of competitors in the cycling events and insisting (rightly) on equal numbers of women’s events. IOC has always had a bit of a downer on cycling. A shame as it is such an exciting, spectator and TV friendly sport. Swimming however can have endless variations on the same race so some swimmer always ends up with about 8 gold medals.

      I would like to see the kilo TT, individual pursuit and points race brought back in. Maybe also the Madison. I like the Omnium, a great test of an all-rounder and Laura Trott in the London World Cup event was great to watch. Also allow more riders. Ridiculous that only one rider per country can ride the sprint.

    • Well perhaps too much patriotic fervour but the omnium is the only national class event that juniors can compete in so there is some logic. Actually watching Laura Trott compete in that event is probably going to be the highlight of the whole games.

  2. For Lightning (Thunderbird calender plugin/addon/app).

    Right-click save as (or save link as if using Firefox).
    Open Thunderbird -> Events and Tasks tab -> Import
    Choose file ( inrng2012OlympicCycling.ics ) click OK
    Choose which calender to import to (usually default)

  3. for those with Macs : when i downloaded the file it showed up with 2 suffixes : .ics.txt
    delete the .txt, double click and it opens your Calendar app and asks how you want to incorporate the dates, i suspect this might be the same for an iPad or iPhone …

    works great thanks, ring!

    • 1. Right-click on the link and select ‘Copy Link’.
      2. Open iCal and hit the⌥⌘S (alt+cmd+S) keys.
      3. Hit the ⌘V (cmd+V or right-click > Paste) and then the return key or click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

      Voila! You have successfully subscribed to the calendar and in the unlikely event of there being amendments they will be updated automatically. This also applies to all of the other calendars so kindly distributed by inrng.com

    • I came home yesterday evening after cycling through the rain to discover I think 26 new HDTV channels on my Freesat TV dedicated to the Olympics. The BBC seem to be showing every event..so I reckon all the cycling should be covered. Not much use if you live outside the UK or Ireland though…

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