The Spin: Giro Stage 7

Today’s stage finishes in Rocca di Cambio, literally the “Rock of Change” and it’s appropriate since this is the first mountain stage of the 2012 Giro d’Italia.

The stage is still classified as “middle mountain” but it’s a hard day and the final climb is long and should be selective enough… if the riders want to test themselves. The final climb is mainly 5-6% but has sections at 10% and the final features a short descent then an uphill sprint to the finish line.

Michele Scarponi is a local rider and an obvious pick for the finish. Local identity always matters but the town of L’Aquila is known nationally not for its riders but for a devastating earthquake in 2009. I think there’s a good chance Adriano Malori loses his overall lead after yesterday’s efforts and today’s climbing.

One thing to note is we’re now one week into the race. Yesterday was hard and saw the first abandons of the race, now the fatigue will begin to set in. Note the number of climbs along the way, most are not marked as recognised climbs but they will take their toll. Efforts now can cost plenty in the final week so its possible we see the main contenders happy to mark each other, instead letting a break get up the road.

The weather will be warm and sunny, ideal conditions for racing at moderate altitude.

10 thoughts on “The Spin: Giro Stage 7”

  1. Hubert Dupont and John Gadret have been temporizing long enough, they need to gain back the time lost in Time Trials. I doubt the peloton would let them go early but it would give AG2R a valid reason for not being at the front… Of course the same applies to Frank schleck and RadioShack-Nissan. Stefano Pirazzzi might learn to attack at the most favorable moment this time around or Jose Rujano might want to emulate his stable mate. So many possibilities, what a great race this is!

  2. As you said, there will be a lot of man-marking. I feel for the sprinters getting handed their butt every day. I’m surprised that Movistar hasn’t taken much initiative in the breakaways yet, may be they are playing the GC with Intxausti.

    I will go with Pozzovivo for today’s stage or may be Cunego.

  3. As INRNG said, too much effort now will use energy needed during the final week, so tomorrow’s stage could be won by a bounty hunter…or, Scarponi might be fueled just enough by local pride and take the stage. He’s 1:28 off the lead. Will he have good legs tomorrow and for the duration of the Giro?

    As the road makes a nice descent with 3.5 km to go, it makes a nice launch for the last 1.5 km!
    I expect the Colombians to really shine up to the line, but I like Ryder Hesjedal riding into pink, with CVdV, P. Stetina and a recovered Navardauskas showing his super domestique prowess once again.

  4. Appropriate as things get a bit tough that Rocca di Cambio could also mean Rock of Gear Shift or Gear Shifter. Also, the wife tells me as I mumble something about Recanati, that it is where Giacomo Leopardi comes from. So from enlightenment to change…..

    …or something.

  5. Nice comments INRNG totally agree
    I think ‘Ryders’ looking good Frank just does’nt seem to have his heart in it I think he is saving himself for July
    Those Columbians they always pull the cat out of the bag though lets see what the universe deals
    Can’t wait from the land downunder

    • Col-O-mbians.
      Thank you.
      I agree with your sentiments and excitement.
      An excellent race this is shaping up to be!
      It was nice to see Goss take a win in the first week crash or not. I think he can beat Cav straight up.
      Hope we see it in July.

  6. With some of the bigger riders up there on gc already is it more of a danger than a bonus to have pink this early? It’s a lot of work to try and control the race for two weeks.

  7. love the pink jersey changing hands ……… makes it exciting and unpredictable……….. 45 secs is a good cushion but its gonna be tough holding on to it………….. GC contenders are circling…….. chapeau or whatever the Italian equivalent is …………

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