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A quick note of thanks to you, the reader. This blog is what it is in large part thanks to the comments, emails and twitter that go with it.

During the year many have emailed in questions and suggestions and I now have a lengthy “to do” list for subjects over the winter. I’ve still got plenty of my own ideas, there’s plenty to reflect on this evening, from Geox to GCP, from Tour Down Under to next year’s new Tour of Norway.

But if there’s anything you’d like to see on here, then please leave a comment or send in an email. I can’t promise to cover everything but give it a try. Now that the season is finished the flow of news and events to comment on is bound to dry up so any new ideas are always well received.

A note of thanks to the the advertisers Competitive Cyclist. Like other supporters of the blog this year, their support is also another element that makes this blog happen so feel free to click on the image up there and see what they’ve got for sale besides Sidi shoes.

38 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. Quick thanks to the blogger! Your site filled a noticable hole in my race cycling reading material…and one I can interact with other than to just click on that ubiquitous Like button!!! Looking forward to the next season with you!

  2. Myself being a fresh addition to inrng reader community thanking you as well for interesting entries and plenty of news I can share during Sunday rides.

  3. Just like the rest of the readers, thanks to the blogger!!! This is a great site with real insight. Just like Darren said, this fills a really big hole in my cycling reading. Great job!!!

  4. This is a moderate-quality blog on professional cycling produced by a person likely to have reached only a secondary level of education. I have tended to find this blog a little rushed ever since the World Champs post, the mistakes being a clear and often glaring example of a lack of focus which occurs when one is rushed, for instance. So, perhaps my suggestion would be to give a little more time and therefore thought to what you are furnishing the reader by going over your post with a more methodical approach prior to pressing the publish icon.

    Also, using a mirror pic as you have done for this post is inaccurate as you cannot be this mirror unless you regard yourself as some kind of lord or overseer reflecting us the reader, and so since the reader looking into a mirror will only see his/her own reflection, it is hardly as you put it, you looking at us, but the reader looking at him/herself. Elementary mistake my dear chap. You would have been far better advised by including a framed picture of yourself with that famous “Casablanca” line, suggesting that you are taking the time to be looking out at us, with your thanks, which is appropriate.

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  5. There’s one in every crowd isn’t there.

    Rather than a private email with the constructive (read: patronising) criticism Daniel has to play the keyboard warrior and try to make a name for himself.

    Well done Inner. You ask questions and explore topics that mainstream media cannot/will not, I applaud you. Looking forward to more of the same in 2012.

  6. Can’t disagree with daniel more. Best cycling blog on the web and the source of endless new info for me. Keep up the good work and I look forward to what the new season brings.

  7. Nick, I think I know, but what kind of “one” is there in every crowd according to you, exactly?

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  8. cwardy; I didn’t know that offering an opinion as I have here exhibits evidence of rudeness, but I would understand that someone who makes such an obvious spelling mistake with humour, and compounds this with using such a word as ‘off line’ to suggest my somehow being ‘out-of-line’ — is someone whom takes an approach to such things with a definite struggling nature, to put it mildly.

    Your conclusion is therefore entirely innacurate.

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  9. jim, I’m very disappointed with how many followers I presently have on Twitter, I should have never “blocked” the 77,248 I had some time ago to leave so few.

    936ADL, I enjoy this blog also, so your inference that I don’t is rejected in its entirety. I’m beyond your internet description of trolling, underling.

    vanL, what makes you think I don’t? Ha-ha! I just went back to one before returning here. Did you mean perhaps I should go to the other websites I frequent and never come back to this one? Is that what you meant you little duncer?

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  10. Fantastic Work Inner. Thanks for your updates on each race. Good updates on Non-race topics also. Enjoyed your blog. It’s in my favourites.

  11. when reading Daniel’s comments one should imagine ones voice to be muffled, as one clearly has ones head up ones own arse.

    (first level education)

  12. I can only suggest that Daniel starts his own blog where he can wax lyrical at length to himself as I am sure nobody would reach his standards of perfection.
    Thank you for correcting my diction and standards of english.

  13. cwardy, the internet is my blog and I am the highest-ranked at the moment. I’m sure though if I were to open a ‘wordpress’ or ‘blogger’-style blog I could attract a large proportion of dunces and dullards who would seek to find an opening in my defence where clearly there is none, and never has been.

    When facing such a small and confined sample of who you are, I will exploit your weaknesses and clearly you have several, but naturally I acknowledge that you are thanking me for doing so, I suppose you are working on yourself with some dear commitment, and thus welcome my highlight. But since you can only offer one thing in reply, after only being able to conclude one thing in reply of the previous — I would suggest you learn to crawl before attempting to walk and talk as it can become quite nauseating for readers who have little experience with facing such snotlings in reading your comments. Ha-ha!

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  14. I don’t wish to be mean but as of this series of posts I will avoid reading anything posted here by this Daniel M. fellow. They’re easy enough to skip but the shame is they end up causing other posts to respond to his and so on….which really puts a dent in the atmosphere I came here to enjoy in the first place. I’m sure there’s a wonderful audience out there for you Daniel M, (TKofC) but I truly don’t believe the Inner Ring is it. I would have no problem if the nice guy who writes Inner Ring fixed it so you were unable to post any comments here, but that is his decision, not mine.

  15. Larry T,

    I concur. While I welcome debate and constructive arguments, this chap is overtly commenting for the sole purpose of trolling, while bringing nothing to the party about cycling, except aggravating other commenters. I would not be sad if his contributions were “moderated”.

  16. I’ve enjoyed following the discussions in this blog. Nice job, class act!
    Just because it’s the off season, I hope you will not be temporarily shutting down. Surely the antics of the UCI, WADA, and the various money players will provide plenty of fodder for discussion, even if nobody is actually on a bicycle!

  17. Larry T. – doesn’t mean to be evil but since it’s in his nature how can he help himself. Ha-ha! Beauty! As of now I will attempt to resist reading anything by Larry T. as he on two posts has only saught to attempt to discredit me, when the discussion has been about other things to do with this blog and pro cycling. I was right about you being a dear little hypocrite, so thanks for confirming such a thing for me, good to know I’m still reading it correctly. As for the talk of audience and them being of a “wonderful” variety, I should think you would naturally join-up with some of the other commenters who have been floating the idea of a website devoted to me assembling an audience with the promise of my presence and performance. Perhaps one which drops a certain assortment of numbers in a favourable manner for scrutiny with a set domain application, and please remember it has to originate in Australia as that is key for its success.

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC)

  18. As a blogger leaving the door open for the public to respond you run the risk of getting the odd annoying comment. However, you have an excellent blog with regular sharp observations (Cav did win the worlds after all) The only thing I would say is since you are now a leading opinion writer with influence I would rather see you reveal your identity at this point. We have a troubled sport and everything and everyone needs to be transparent.

  19. without a doubt one of my favourite blogs on professional cycling.

    Some outstanding contributions from many, certainly adds a great depth & quality to the detail,
    and the discussions that follow, ensure that some rival journalists could learn a thing or two !

    As for revealing your identity, for me, it makes little difference.
    I know who you are & I’m not telling. Floyd

  20. Martin W. – I was thinking of the same cartoon image while typing my request to this fellow!!!! Angelo senza la o has a couple of nice blogs with moderated comment, so while it’s certainly more work to screen them, perhaps it’s inevitable once a site attains a certain level of popularity? One of those “necessary evils” as they say. Back-in-the-day I remember an open forum type thing called RECBICYCLESRACING that ended up being dominated by an overbearing, opinionated a__hole to the point I simply stopped paying any attention to it. It was a shame because before this fellow came round there was some interesting information and exchange of ideas along with some spirited, but friendly debates there — with no name-calling….pretty much like the Inner Ring was — until recently.

  21. This blog is still as tight and incisive as it was when I started reading about 18 months ago. No signs of drying up, quite the opposite. I continue to scan the comments section (despite its ever-increasing length) because it is so rich and always adds to the depth of the discussion, as has been mentioned above.

    However, I started being selective about which responses I read some time ago. The shorter the comment, the better and I do have ‘favourite’ commenters. I won’t name them all now but from this post so far, Larry T, Flashing P and Rider C get my votes. You’re always worth reading so please keep writing.

  22. Long time reader, infrequent commenter. Thoroughly enjoy the blog – thanks for producing it and thanks for the level of detail you provide.

    Some things that I’ve always wondered about, which may or may not make good blog posts:

    -how do pros learn and practice race tactics? do they just race or do they study “film” from past races? do they have tactics training sessions at their training camps? does it differ based on whether the rider is a sprinter or climber, stage racer or one-day rider, etc.?

    -to what extend do current riders have connections with riders from the past? did many of the grow up following pro cycling and know the history of the sport or did they many riders just figure out at some point in their lives that they were good at riding and jump into the sport? other than the ex-pros that get involved with team management, what interaction do pros have with former pros?

    -to what extent do riders have connections with the bikes and technology of bike manufacturing? Some (Lance, for example) seem to be massively obsessed with not just squeezing the last performance gain out of their machines, but also working with the designers and producers to get everything just right. Others seem to know very little about what they are riding or anything about the mechanics of a bicycle and just tell sponsors “make it stiff and light” . Is there a correlation between those that obsess about the machine and those that win?

    -which riders are the most successful at generating off-the-bike endorsements? how have they gotten these endorsements? how much do they make off the bike versus on the bike? how do these numbers compare to pros from other sports?

    Thanks for listening.

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