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Greipel postcard

Yesterday was a chance for many riders to catch up with the families, do some reading and maybe update their fan websites. German sprinter André Greipel’s website includes a daily postcard to his fans to describe “My first French holiday“. Like many a postcard the weather gets a mention but he’s yet to write home about his team mates ignoring him, for example “Philippe keeps chasing me down” or “I’m homesick“. The one above is from Saturday, it reads

Fast Phil today had Super-Better legs. Tomorrow we climb further up to the sky. Until next time, André.

If Greipel is writing to his fans, you can also write to him, in fact you can send a postcard to anyone on the race for free. Thanks to the French post office, your letter will be delivered whoever you like on the race, from riders to team staff and others.

It’s simple, just go to the Dynapost website and fill in the form on screen and click send and soon enough your message will be printed out and taken to the rider in question. The website is in French so if it helps, here’s what to put in each field.


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  1. That’s a cool idea…!!

    Here in Australia, our dominant telco (Telstra) during the Olympic Games has what they called a “Hero-fax”. You could send a fax (for a small fee) to the Olympian of your choice….

    I like this French idea better – especially because its free!!

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