Cycling podcast reviews XV: The Flammecast


My last review was of the VC Don Logan podcast. It’s infrequent but I liked the dry Scottish humour and the edgy style, the way they brought some sarcasm and wit to deal with some of the sadder elements of pro cycling. I mentioned it was a substitute to the now defunct Velocast.

But now one half of the Velocast is back, with John Galloway’s in the hot seat with Irishman Derek Troy. Galloway is superb with a warm voice, an assured broadcasting style and plenty of enthusiasm and knowledge too. Troy’s got a different style, he’s not afraid to swear, but if his radio manners aren’t as polished as Galloway, he makes up for it with tactical analysis and punditry that’s great fun and insightful.

The format often sees the pair review a race, discussing the tactics and results. It’s good but if you’ve seen the race you might know some of this. What’s fun is the differences of opinion sometimes, if there’s a race incident you can get different takes on it. Troy brings some good tactical insight here, almost as if he’s sitting in the front seat of a team car.

There’s more such as interviews with Cervélo’s co-founder Gerard Vroomen where bike tech, sponsoring, women’s racing and more is discussed. Many others have been interviewed, from pro riders down to fellow bloggers.

The mix of topics is good, if there’s a focus on pro cycling there’s also a look at technology and travel. It’s all easy listening, although some might not like Derek’s use of the F-word. Give it a try.

  • Finally another mention that the point of these reviews isn’t really to explain what I like and don’t like but simply to showcase all the audio content out there, there are more to review.

It’s all here: or see iTunes.

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  1. One thing I’d add about the swearing is that it’s fairly natural – it’s not done to be self consciously “edgy”, it arises naturally from Derek & John’s passion for the sport, and passionately held viewpoints. It doesn’t come across as being gratuitous, i think, personally.

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