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A quick note to say Strada Wheels are advertising here for April. I’m pleased to welcome them especially since they’ve been helpful on the whole subject of advertising. Jonathan’s kindly given me some useful thoughts and also some tech ideas, software not wheels, too.

Also, it’s good to have the advertising but so far no phoney reviews are planned. I don’t think I could try this really and hopefully you would spot this as well.

My plan is to allow this one space on the blog for advertising and no more, hopefully you read things and visit as usual. Back to the cycling, I want to write something about the Tour of Flanders most unique climb, the Muur van Geraardsbergen so stay tuned for this soon.

9 thoughts on “Housekeeping – advertising”

  1. i heard they’re running a special: a free wheelset to the first person to comment under the name of ant1. any truth to that?

  2. Save the column inches, let some other site review them. Reviews are very rarely as independent as they should be, so rarely are they worth the effort, even if they’re not just quoting marketing guff…

    I think every review should be like something from Top Gear – make it clear they’re all fantastic, a triumph of form and function, and markedly better than the previous model – and then point out they’re rubbish because of some imperceptible esoteric flaw and you’d rather have the one you already have sitting in the garage at home because sure, it’s old, but it’s just better…

  3. I just don’t think I’d be good at reviews. My take is that you need a lab to measure some things in order to remove the subjective take, then you try something for months to get the measure of it.

    Anything can be good out of the box, when a customer buys something they are expecting it to survive, to be serviceable and more.

    ant1: no, apparently it’s only for people under the name of ant2.

  4. So when can I pick them up? Their carbon clincher have tasty specs.

    No problem with the advertising as long as it isn’t too flashy and the site keeps it’s quality and inside info.

  5. Hi, to support the advertiser (!) I clicked through to the Strada site. It replaced on the tab. Suggest that you set it up so that when you click through it opens on a second tab, therefore leaving still open on the first tab…

  6. I think the advert is more than acceptable. I have worked with Strada. They are supplying some wheels (at a good price) for my new custom bike build in exchange for some ad space on my site. Everyone is a winner.
    Their wheels look pretty good to me and are very reasonably priced IMO.

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