Cycling podcast reviews Part XIV: VC Don Logan

I feel like I’m running out of Roman numerals with these reviews. There are more and more. That’s a good thing.


Next is the Velo Club Don Logan podcast. I’ve written before that I was a fan of the now-defunct Velocast. When it died, the VCDL sprung up and it’s gone from strength to strength. Recent episodes included a detailed interview with Graeme Obree where the “Flying Scotsman” went into great detail over his career, the bike building, the UCI, the reactions of others to his hour record.

It’s good listening. At times the guys drop references to the past that casually reveals a knowledge of the sport’s history which might baffle the newcomer but the latest edition has a good guide to the classics which takes the beginner through the races. The mix is entertaining and eclectic and it’s all in a fun and relaxed tone. It really sounds like guys are enjoying it and this only makes the listening better.

I have to caution on a couple of points. First, it might not be for you, the tone can be cynical at times and there’s a lot of joking. For me that’s half the fun, these guys are not afraid to have a laugh at the sport’s expense. It’s edgier and more cynical that the Velocast but it works for me because personality and character comes across.

It’s very long. The latest edition is over 90 minutes. The beauty of a podcast is that you can keep it for as long as you like. I quite like fixing my bike listening to podcasts and this is good stuff to work with. Again, for me this is great but I know some might want something snappier but note the guys have the knack of talking fast so they cover a lot of ground, the time can pass quickly. If the fast-talking works for me, it’s also quite Scottish and whilst it looks around at the whole of the sport, it’s with local guys. For me this is part of the charm but some might find the accents take a bit of getting used to.

I feel a bit bad saying “it’s good but…” as all I’m trying to do is explain that taste varies. To repeat something I’ve said before, half the point of these podcast reviews isn’t to impose my taste but to give readers a summary and let you make up your own mind. If you like the earnest ways of The Fredcast but don’t see what the fuss is about for Real Peloton then VCDL isn’t for you. But if you want something quirky on the other hand, then get downloading right now…

It’s all at

This is part of a series of podcast reviews. Further to my update of the reviews, within days of saying NY Velocity had stopped it’s Bickering with Pickering series, it restarted. And new Beyond the Peloton video documentary footage has been filmed already, expect something soon.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to put up a review, it’s greatly appreciated, as are your kind comments. I know that the last few episodes have been a bit long but with the Obree interview and our Guide to the Classics, we felt the content was there to back it up. However, we are generally trying to hit the hour mark, which we feel is a good compromise for most people.

    We might just put “edgy & cynical” in our tagline, I quite like it ;o)

    Thanks again, cheers,


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