Tondo rounds them up

Tondo San Luis

It appears Xavier Tondo is behind Spain’s Operación Cursa, that a tip-off from the Movistar rider alerted police and resulted in the bust of small supply network.

Sadly the reverse story is all too common, tales of riders being involved in selling on to their team mates, like Eddy Mazzoleni but there are plenty more. Given this, let’s hope Tondo gets support rather than suspicion from within the bunch. I think he’ll be ok given he’s rousted some amateurs and not put any pro team on the line.

But let’s not be too cynical, the final word belongs to Spanish cycling blogger Fran Reyes: ¡Qué gran favor ha hecho al ciclismo español!

8 thoughts on “Tondo rounds them up”

  1. This seems all too convenient that this case proceeded as it did right after the heat from the Contador investigation. Tondo threw the cops at a doping ring involving nobodies. How about people finally start going after the big kids on the block.

    I am too cynical at this point to completely believe that this was independent of the Contador situation. The Spanish deference to the powerful is rivaled only by Americans deference to fatty foods.

  2. Jfjoeylu: I laughed!

    TdF Lanterne Rouge: that’s why I think it’s good to remind people he’s done something useful, to help – in a tiny way – ensure he doesn’t confront a wall of silence.

    Ben: we’ll see this year, that’s sure.

    ColoradoGoat: jokes aside, it’s wrong to think of Spain or “the Spanish”. The police are pretty active, it is they who started Puerto, Galgo and now Cursa. Thanks to them we know about Basso, Ullrich and many more. The problem is with some institutions in Spain, although it is true that a large % of the population subscribe’s to Valverde’s “injustice” line.

  3. Funny stuff, I always looked at Tondo as suspicious. He fits the profile, anonymous pro for many years and then starts ripping it in 2010 at age 33.

    For the sake of clean sport, let us hope the Girona/Catalonia ring does not have any links to Garmin-Cervelo or any of the other North American riders who call the area home.

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