New logo

I moved the website over to and tried a few logo designs myself. But just as I’m no DJ, I’m not than handy with graphic design and decided to seek professional help. A few emails later and you can see the result above thanks to British-based Matt Morris.

A cyclist and graphic designer, Matt’s already worked with Viner Bicycles of Italy and has designed full page adverts in ProCycling magazine for Bianchi and Epic Cycles, and is currently working on a project for William Fotheringham, author and cycling columnist for London’s The Guardian. You can see more of his work online at

1 thought on “New logo”

  1. I love the logo, Ihave part of a 39t ring circling a 12 sprocket on my left calf and part of a 53t ring around a 23 sprocket on my right calf inspired by the oily chainring marks you sometimes get, got them done when 59/60 sort of delayed mid life crisis. A true tribal tat. What the hell you only live once, but perhaps I will regret it when I get older?

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