The word on Lance Armstrong

I’ve been doing The Inner Ring for a while now and try to cover a range of issues in pro cycling, including some commentary and debate. But sometimes it’s better to stand aside and let others have their say. So here’s the self-styled Mr Nik Bag TV, aka Bloggaholic, on Lance Armstrong:

Who needs Mark Fabiani?

Note that the video’s maybe not workplace safe or great around kids. And just in case I have to mention this before you leap to the comments, it’s Friday and light-hearted. Maybe we can save the serious did he/didn’t he comments for another day?

7 thoughts on “The word on Lance Armstrong”

  1. Damn; the truth hits close to home!

    Lance & Floyd could have saved a bundle using this guy, as long as they didn't have to pay a fee per word!

  2. hilarious…love the part of the monologue when he "articulates" armstrongs realization that he is actually racing on a bike, priceless. Totally expalins why I'm getting on my bike this weekend in temps hovering around 0 celsius…I must be on drugs 😉

  3. He summed up ProTour level cycling fairly well. If you ride thousands of miles around France for sport……"you've got to be on drugs, if you aren't there is something wrong with you!"

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