Pro Team Clothing, the secret trend

Today saw the Europcar team presentation. The green livery is certain to stand out given many other teams seem to have gone for a mixture of blue and black. But look closely at the photo above and you’ll see a trend in pro clothing that hasn’t been remarked upon as much: it’s tight fitting.

Increasingly the teams are using much more aero jerseys, made from material that hugs the figure. Whilst many riders have long opted for as small a jersey as possible in order to avoid excess material flapping in the wind and many teams have secretly tailor-made clothing to help a better fit, now we are seeing lycra and other elastic materials being used for the jersey as well as the shorts. Certainy we saw Sky, Garmin and Cervélo doing this last summer and it looks like it’s now reaching even the traditionals French teams.

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It remains to be seen if this is copied by amateurs. Weekend riders don’t quite require such figure-hugging efficiency and it’s less flattering for some. Indeed the popular replica Cervélo Test Team kit offered two options last year, one skin-tight jersey and one traditional, looser fit, jersey and this should be the norm for other squads.


5 thoughts on “Pro Team Clothing, the secret trend”

  1. My experience is that this trend is trickling down to the amateur race scene. Most of the 2/3/4 and 3/4 crit races I've been in have featured riders in team kit that was tight fitting, made of what looked like non-traditional materials.

    Personally, I like it. I think it looks clean, slick, and professional. I think our new team kit might be going down this route. Last season's kit was a bit flappy. But like you say, if you've got a middle aged spread, it might be a bit unflattering.

  2. Paul: it makes sense for racers but less for others. Very good for the pro teams.

    JZ: if you hand over the Swiss Francs…

    fat guy: I'm sure, especially as the French team kit is available in shopping malls and general sports shops.

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