Shayne Bannan to head Aussie Pro Team

Today we get news of Shayne Bannan’s resignation from Cycling Australia. The Aussie coach has been one of the driving forces behind the rise of Australia as a cycling nation, creating a conveyor-belt of talent that brings the best from Down Under to the wider world. His next plans appear vague, there is talk of “an announcement in mid-January” but allow me to shed some light.

Cycling Australia’s loss is Australian cycling’s gain

My information suggests he’ll hold a press conference during the Tour Down Under to announce the creation of a new cycling team, perhaps with the temporary name of Green Edge. This team has been under construction for some time and several top Aussie cyclists have been informed of the plans with a view to having them available on the market for Bannan to sign although it remains to be seen whether this is 2011 or 2012.

It will have support from Aussie caravan/RV manufacturer Jayco but little else is known on the team’s financing. There are rumours about Neil “Stevo” Stephens being involved and possibly Pat Jonker but everything is well under wraps. But make no mistake, some solid foundations are being built here. I wish the team well.

I’ll write something more about the idea of national cycling teams later today.

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  1. As an Aussie I wish it nothing but the best as well, but it should not have come at the expense of Pegasus. Think how good TWO national teams could have been, especially given both have feeder team type set ups to foster developing talent.

    Damn politics.

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