How to pronounce Campagnolo

The Vicenza component maker is often known as Campy by American fans. French riders call it “Campa” and the British say “Campag”, with a hard G at the end.

But how do you actually pronounce Campagnolo? There’s no point asking for that espresso macchiato and wearing Sidis if you can’t even talk about the gear on your bike. Thankfully you are only a click away from perfect pronunciation:

In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter how you say things or how you ride. But since there’s a variety of pronunciation, I thought you might like to hear some audio from a native.

4 thoughts on “How to pronounce Campagnolo”

  1. The other question wold be do you say Shi-Mahhhh-no or Shim-man-oh. These damn manufactures trick us at every turn, including pronunciation.

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