Translation and news aggregation

A housekeeping note. A lot of subjects covered on here aren’t new, it’s just I’m often the first to put them in English. If I do copy and translate from a source then I’ll always try to credit this. This is merely a blog, I’m not paid to hunt down original stories and pester the pros for info.

Sometimes I think “no, I won’t copy and translate that story“… only for it to appear on well known English-speaking cycling websites a day or two later… sometimes without a credit to the original source. So I’ll probably try to bring forward more stories. Hopefully I’m not stealing news from French sites like and, after all they too scour the internet for stories, instead I’m hopefully sending them more readers.

On a related point a few items on here that were actually original news seem to have ended up on proper websites. Dear journalists and bloggers, if you want to mention a story you read on here please go ahead. But it’d be nice for a credit, link or mere “hat tip” in return. Many do this naturally but a few don’t. You know who you are!

3 thoughts on “Translation and news aggregation”

  1. Sound policy I think but unless it's stuff that you think is really important that hasn't found it's way to the english sites I don't know why you want to what CN, VeloN are already doing? Your opinion-pieces and analysis are the best parts of your blog anyway, the news I can find anywhere.

  2. Thanks Jens, I know what you mean. It's more I can run with some news first and back it with opinion rather than just do a straight report.

    But the readership is growing and faster news seems to bring new readers, who then stick around for the opinion and analysis bits.

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