Pink Jersey Auction

Was this year’s Giro d’Italia one of the best editions in living memory? Certainly it was for me, especially once the race returned to home soil we saw some impressive racing. The epic stage on the strade bianche, the numerous summit finishes including the near-insane Zoncolan climb. I can remember other moments, the giant breakaway that put Richie Porte in pink for so long and the fluid but hair-raising descending by Arroyo to defend his pink jersey. And Basso’s win, including the entry into the arena in Verona.

There’s now a chance to win a signed pink jersey from the race. Signed by Basso and faithful climber Sylvester Szmyd, the jersey is being auctioned during the Tour de Pologne by Szmyd in aid of disabled sport in Poland.

Whilst there are many charity auctions for jerseys (remember the winner of the leader’s jersey each day usually takes home a box of jerseys), for me this is an interesting one. Why? Because it’s from a classic Giro and also because Szmyd’s blog is one of the best of the pro riders, being informative and packed with insider info. Thank Tulio for Google translate.

If you’re interested, just send your bid by email to and each day during the Tour of Poland the highest bid will be shown on the Szmyd’s blog. Note the bids should be in Polish Zloty and also that the gmail address is not actually that of the rider, it’s just been set up to run the auction.

2 thoughts on “Pink Jersey Auction”

  1. I think that the jersey that is being auctioned is one of the special edition Liquigas jerseys commemorating Basso's win. If it is then the jersey isn't really signed by Basso but is merely a print of his signature. The Szmyd signature will be original and in my book still makes the jersey a collectors item due to the classic nature of this years Giro and is still worth bidding on for a worthwhile charity too.

  2. Good spot anon and looking more closely, I think the second signature might be an authentic Basso signature.

    I wouldn't mind betting but a) I'd be outbid and b) if I won it would be a pain to wire the money from Euros to Polish Zloty.

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