podcast: amusing but useless

I’ve been listening to the Pro Cycling / podcasts. If you haven’t tuned in, they cover some of the racing but also the daily grind of covering the Tour, and there’s a lot of chit chat between the staff who are on the road. Frequently recorded over dinner, it’s an audio version of the daily despatch on with more details about the lives of those recording it and a bit less on the race: cabin fever across France.

Anthony “Tan Man” Tan is morphing into a cult figure in the niche world of cycling podcasts but whilst it’s an amusing take on those crammed into a Citroen Picasso for three weeks, it’s also profoundly disappointing.

Guimard vs Tan: KO in the first round

You only have to turn on French radio right now to see what your missing. Try RMC Info or RTL and you’ll find Cyrille Guimard (pictured), Laurent Jalabert, Luc Leblanc or Jean-Francois Bernard in conversation with others about the day’s racing. Guimard in particular is superb, he brings a sense of humour but puncy analysis. Or take “Jeff” Bernard’s analysis on the chances of a breakaway staying clear: “the only thing they get out of today’s stage is a tan”. It’s pertinent, blunt and amusing.

For most English speaking fans, following the sport means a lot of text and photos on websites and for a few races we get live audio commentary. But there’s little post-race analysis and debate, the sort most other televised sports get. Sometimes this punditry can be weak. But cycling is a sport where analysis and afterthought should be in real demand.

It’s a real shame the podcast isn’t used to greater effect. I appreciate the travel and filing reports leaves the participants tired. But there’s a gap for powerful analysis from inside the race done in English. Next year, guys.

2 thoughts on “ podcast: amusing but useless”

  1. The alternatives you mention are in French?

    Maybe you can give us a summary in English?

    What do you think about the ITV cycling podcast?

  2. The ITV podcast is useful but the analysis is short. There's plenty to describe the day's racing and some analysis but a lot of audio from the riders. It's good but I'd still like to hear an English-language debate after each day to review the stage and the issues ahead. ITV and the CN podcast touch on this but the detail and insight is a bit too lightweight for me at times.

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