UCI Cycling Team

There mere mention of the UCI can cause anxiety amongst some reads but this time, trust me, relax and read on… Here’s some good news that both interesting and encouraging: the UCI has a development cycling team

The organisation’s HQ in Switzerland is not just an office building but labelled the “Centre Mondial du Cyclisme“, or World Cycling Centre, houses a 200m track as well as a restaurant and conference facilities (website). And nearby there’s accommodation available for cyclists – you and me – to book the town centre of Aigle:

The track and the UCI hotel

But the biggest user of the facilities is the UCI’s Centre Mondial du Cyclisme development team. This squad takes riders from around the world and gives them the chance to race in Europe. Right now they’ve got riders from South Korea, Iran, Bielorussia and Eritrea and beyond racing with the squad. And winning.

Daniel Teklehaimanot

A rider like Eritrea’s Daniel Teklehaimanot is proving quite useful, winning several amateur races in Europe. This is what the UCI’s team is for, it offers talented riders the chance to test their legs in European elite cycling and potentially to step up to the pro ranks. See, the UCI isn’t all bad news.

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  1. what i got to say is about this great rider up this page i mean daniel teklehaimanot you are saying that he is proving . thats right so what i want to ask is about this uci team these riders on this team are not permanent i mean they are just for a show for another teams to pick .so why dont you make them as a team presenting uci

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