That news bomb…

Some interesting information landed in my lap the other day and, via Twitter, I asked for some in the cycling world to offer advice. It’s not the biggest story in the cycling world but it involved some big names so I didn’t want to splurge the details on here without reflecting on it. I’m grateful for some very helpful advice, a practical mixture of bomb disposal, additional facts and legal guidance.

Sorry for teasing some readers but in case you were wondering what it was about, here’s some information. I wrote about the potential sale of Tour de France organisers ASO in April, take a look at the piece again if you have a minute.

Now without disclosing into anything too sensitive, the information I received was related to this story, in particular relating to the efforts of some to deliver ASO into preferred hands in return for other favours in the French media scctor, in some ways the sale of ASO was going beyond a financial deal between any buyer and the seller. Put simply, there was wheeler-dealing on a grand tour scale.

Sorry for not explaining any more but hopefully I can follow this up with more detail in time.