Dogging Part II

A follow up to yesterday’s post, I got a comment asking if dogs really did run out. Of course they do!

Here’s a selection from a short ride this evening. Sorry if this isn’t Cartier-Bresson but riding one handed trying to avoid a dog compromises the style…

Beware of the dog signs are common. The might prove a useful warning for visitors, this one is posted at the end of a driveway, but they often mean a dog is on the loose and ready to follow a passing cyclist.

A friendly one but it runs in front of you all the same, it practically lives on the road. It’s an old dog and I think it’s deaf as a whistle won’t even make it turn around. It’s harmless, even friendly. Stop and it’ll lick the sweaty salt of your legs in the summer and the road salt off your frame in the winter.

This photo is on a very steep road, it’s going downhill and on the right of the image the road drops to a 20% gradient. Every time I go past this white Husky-like dog is waiting, indeed the roadside verge has been worn by the attendant dog. But as you approach by bike, it runs out in front and tries to nip your ankles. Go up the steep hill and you barely have the energy to pass the dog, go down and it’s ready to run out in front and send you flying.

Only this time it appears to have found a friend! For once it didn’t run out into the road. Look closely and you can spot some doggy-style action with a small but clearly priapic poodle.

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