"You’re just jealous"

Alexander Vinokourov’s win on Sunday has left some scratching their heads, and some were even shaking them. This includes the media following the race. The post-race press conference in Liège was dominated by Vino’s past, journalists kept asking about his suspension, his attitude to doping and other related topics.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Following this, the Kazakh has tried to set the record straight. In a recent press release he states “I don’t understand the way I am persecuted“, adding that journalists are “jealous” of the support he receives from Facebook fans. He said he couldn’t understand the gap between the cynical media and the fans who had been sending him encouragement via the internet.

If he doesn’t understand that provoking one of the biggest doping scandals of recent years, bang in the middle of the Tour de France, won’t give rise to questions, then he’s in greater denial then I thought.

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