You can’t always get what you want

Yesterday’s podium in Liège wasn’t exactly a fine image for the sport. But whilst debate rages as to who we want to see, remember that whilst sport has an unpredictable and even romantic side, it is not a fairytale.

Our sport has huge problems. It has dealt with some and must still confront others. Will it ever be clean? No, but you can stop some of the most flagrant cheats. Manipulated blood, whether via trace molecules, altered biochemistry or simply its volume can be spotted. Riders also need to know they can do their job without having to resort to practices that put their health on the line. Things can be improved and us fans have a part to play. Get behind the guys who speak out, ask questions of riders and teams who aren’t willing to be open with you.

I’m travelling from Monaco to Lausanne today so hope to resume with more on here from this evening onwards.