Parlez-vous Twitter? – update

Thanks to Owen from The Drum Up blog, home of insight into Scottish cycling and a man with near-identical views when it comes to cycling podcasts. Not only has he reviewed them, his views are so similar I’m almost embarrassed because my reviews read suspiciously like a copy n’paste. I swear by the name of Tulio Campagnolo this isn’t so but drop by his blog and see for yourself.

Cut to the chase: I wrote earlier this week that no French pros are on Twitter, except for a trio of BigMat-Auber 93 riders. But I stand corrected, for Owen has pointed out that RadioShack’s Geoffroy Lequatre tweets under the name of LA4L. Only Geoffroy has tweeted just twice, and not once this year. Still, that makes him the lone Pro Tour Frenchman!

2 thoughts on “Parlez-vous Twitter? – update”

  1. seems to have changed his name to LEQUATREG4. Flurry of tweets in May, then nothing. French riders are still behind in the social media side of things I think

  2. very interresting indeed, most english speaking riders have a twitter, yet nearly no french, it must be something to do with the french mainly on Facebook, not on Twitter anyway.
    Very nice blog!

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