Cancellara: an artist, not an accountant

Congratulations to Fabian Cancellara for his win in the E3 Prijs Vlaanderen. I can’t offer any analysis but if you want excellent insight into the Flemish classics, check out the Pavé blog. Instead, here is a quote from the Swiss champion following an interview with a Swiss newspaper.

We were in Lanzarote for a training camp and at dinner we would meet triathletes there for the same purpose. But they were so different! They talked of nothing but power, watts, levels and aerodynamics. It was like spending the evening with some accountants. They were not cyclists.

An interesting point of view. Reading the full interview, note that he wasn’t knocking triathletes, just trying to explain that his concept of cycling involves a degree of art and self-expression.

I know training aids can be a benefit but the most important tool is not an SRM or a heart rate monitor, it is the brain. One reason I’m writing about cycling here is because cycling and racing can be romantic and expressive, it is about far more than numbers.