Cycling Podcast Reviews – Part VI

RTL-L’Equipe – Carrément Vélo

Ok, this is broadcast in French so I’ll keep this review quick in case it’s less appealing for you. But if you can understand French then, for me, this is probably the best bit of pro cycling audio.

It’s a weekly radio show at 11.00 am CET every Monday morning, an hour long slot dedicated to cycling, the full title is “Carrément Vélo”. Normally it dissects the weekend’s racing with analytical precision and humour alike, usually featuring a four man panel in the studio. They’ll often have live interviews over the phone with riders and directeur sportifs. Inevitably the discussion tends to dwell on why a Frenchman didn’t win but you still get lucid analysis.

What makes it the best? Well it’s up-to-date, by analysing the race on a Monday you get discussion whilst the results are still fresh (unlike which is done on a Thursday). The analysis is insightful, the panelists are lively and it’s got slick production values in the background. Above all the content is great, the interviews get straight to the point.

This is everything that the podcast should be but isn’t, if only English-speaking fans could get something similar.

[EDIT: I first wrote that this was only a radio show but thanks to Owen Philipson’s keen eyes they’ve now started making it available as a podcast so the review above has been modified to reflect this]

Cliquez ici: and scroll down to Carrément Vélo.

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6 thoughts on “Cycling Podcast Reviews – Part VI”

  1. Très bien d'avoir découvert ça. J'ai cherché L'É une fois mais rien trouvé. Il faut qu'ils le rend disponible en podcast je pense!

    Il y a aussi, un station avec beaucoup d'emmissions sur le sport (plutôt le foot), et même des podcasts ( mais apparrament rien sur le cyclisme. Ils diffuse en direct pendant le Tour, et c'est bien.

  2. also- good point about the timeliness of delivery. for the 'amateur podcasters' (ie the ones that do it in their own time) you can accept that meeting a deadline might not be the top priority in their lives, but for commercial ones, the time it is delivered is important, especially for a weekly show.

    this is really important in social media. I've seen good blog posts sink like a stone because they were published/tweeted at the wrong time.

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