Bruyneel stretches the brand

Johan Bruyneel helped guide Lance Armstrong to seven Tour de France wins and he’s done a lot more than that, he was a moderately successful rider under Manolo Saiz at ONCE and truth be told, sections of the media don’t like him because he’s quick to block access to critics. Now he’s bring you clothing.

You can opt for a range of items with various designs. One t-shirt simply says “Cobbles” on it, which makes me wonder where I can lay my hands on some leisure wear with “Tarmac” emblazoned in big lettering, given my love for road cycling.

But even the most innocent cycling fan might be surprised to see the Belgian bring out a clothing line. The slogan “be part of the dynasty” is not the strongest pitch, it’s very 1980s with a vague sense of aspiration and association, as if buying a t-shirt will allow you into the VIP room. People want authenticity these days.

None of the items contain any tailoring or design. Instead this is simply some easy to replicate clothing rather than the launch of a new label. As Bruyneel might say, we might as well keep warm.

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