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2019 Pro Race Calendar and iCal

Happy New Year? Who knows what 2019 will bring? Actually some things are predictable and here’s the pro cycling calendar for your organiser, phone or computer diary so you can at least know when the big races will happen. All of the major UCI men’s and women’s pro races around the world are included and below there’s a quick explainer on how to subscribe, the meaning of the UCI labels and more.

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The Christmas Holiday Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz. It was fun setting the questions, just to ask questions that don’t have answers one click away but also because several of them are what’s called hypophora, the act of asking a question just so you can give the answer and in this case to explore some of the odds and ends in the sport.

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Lowlights of 2018

Having picked five highlights of the sporting year, now a look a few things that weren’t so enjoyable,  hopefully in a constructive light rather than a long whinge…

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Sky Reaches The End of the Road

Sky has announced it is pulling out of sponsorship of the pro team and 2019 will be the last year for the UK media firm in the peloton. Now the team faces a race to secure funding for 2020 with realistically only months to do this. It’s yours for £30 million a year.

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