Where’s Team Radio Shack? Search Engine Fail

The image above is a screen grab from the RadioShack.com website, click on it to enlarge it. When I use the website’s search function for “team radio shack” and use the “entire site” field, I get a vaguely relevant wristband and then the second option is a game for the Nintendo Wii. In fact if … Read more


A surprise winner of the prologue in Paris-Nice today. But it was 2°C and windy, the sort of conditions you’d expect a Dutch cyclo-cross rider to “enjoy”, even if Boom is much more than a cross rider, he’s long been mentioned as a real talent. He’s only 24 but has already won the Tour of … Read more

Today’s The Day

This weekend is always a great one for cycling fans. Why? Well because we get to see almost every top rider in the sport competing. In the south of Spain we’ll see Wiggins, Armstrong, Menchov and the fast-improving František Raboň going head to head in the Vuelta a Murcia’s TT stage. Over in Italy it’s … Read more

2011 Transfers

The 2010 season is barely underway but there’s already speculation about riders moving teams for 2011. La Gazzetta Dello Sport has the rumour mill in full flow already. Here’s the lowdown: Schleck BrosThe Schleck brothers are looking at a new team for 2011 and La Gazzetta says they are working with Marc Biver, the dual … Read more

Graeme Brown – a dirty sprinter?

Yesterday saw Robbie Hunter (Garmin-Transitions) winning the second stage of the Vuelta a Murcia. The South African beat Rabobank’s Aussie Graeme Brown. Soon after crossing the line Hunter twittered: So another good day in the office!I’m pretty happy.Brown not happy after the stage said I put him in the barriers.what a joke!!! Maybe that’s why … Read more

Gianni Bugno enters politics

Gianni Bugno was one of the best riders from the early 1990s. A grand tour contender, his misfortune was to come up against Miguel Indurain, otherwise he would have probably won the Tour de France. He was also competitive in one-day races, for example he was world champion twice.After retiring from the bunch he became … Read more

The Tour of Belgium

There’s a fourth grand tour out there, the Tour of Belgium. You might not see it immediately but look at the calendar of racing throughout March and early April. You’ve got so many Belgian races that they almost form one non-stop event. Ok, there’s no yellow jersey so what do I mean? Well if you … Read more

It was acceptable in the 80s – Part II

The 1980s were a decade of transition for cycling. The classic form of the sport slowly moved into the modern era of technology, fashion and science. This is the second part of a recurring flashback to this decade. This time, it’s five races that no longer exist. 1. Grand Prix des AmériquesPro racing hit North … Read more

Cycling Podcast Reviews Part IV

The VeloCast Hosted by two Scots with a sense of humour, it’s more than just pro cycling. They’ll talk about bike kit and industry issues as well as advocacy matters like planning and traffic. But the coverage on the racing scene is good. They don’t get the scoops because they’re not on the ground – … Read more

Montepaschi Eroica

Our sport has its classic races. Some are more than 100 years old – Liège-Bastogne-Liège was first run in 1892 – and they’ve developed legends and histories that go a long way to make the sport what it is today. Sometimes a new race comes along and the organisers struggle to make it work. They … Read more