What’s In a Name – Part IV

Many riders have surnames that are also nouns. I apologise if this ruins your TV viewing, those once exotic Euro names can actually prove a bit dull but here are some more of the peloton’s names translated from their home language into English:

Serpa, mountain sherpa

Valerio Agnoli – Valerio Angels
Manuel Belletti – Manuel Makeup
Federico Canuti – Federico Frosties
Leonardo Duque – Leonardo Duke
Addy Engels – Addy Angels
Stefano Garzelli – Stefano Herons
Richie Porte – Richie Door (from French)
José Serpa – José Sherpa
Cameron Wurf – Cameron Litter (as in litter of puppies)

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  1. Serpa is a common spanish and portuguese surname (and toponymic) probably derived from vineyard. Heraldry makes the fancier link to serpent, but that smells of fabrication.

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