Lessons from US Presidents

The writing isn’t on the wall Nobody knows if the story is true but people say during the 1948 Senate elections Lyndon Johnson’s campaign team thought about smearing a rival. But when an aide pointed out the smear wasn’t true, Johnson replied “Of course it’s not true. That’s not the point. Tell it anyway, and … Read more

Radioshack sponsorship review

There’s an interesting article from InstoreMarketer.org that reviews the Radioshack sponsorship deal with Lance Armstrong’s cycling team, brought to my attention via Twitter’s FestinaGirl. Back in March, I commented that the electronics retailer was sponsoring a team without mentioning it. For me, it looks like the deal is clearly about associating with Lance, the campaign … Read more

What to make of Ricco

Riccardo Ricco’s move to Vacansoleil is not without its controversy. The Dutch team wants to step up a level to enter the ProTour, it also wants to take part in the big races like the Tour de France. Is signing Ricco a good way to go about this?YesRicco has proven he can win and he’s … Read more

New sponsor… old ways?

Moi, controversial? Caisse d’Epargne might be withdrawing from pro team sponsorship but the French savings bank has not had its last word. Team manager Eusebio Unzue wanted to sign Ricardo Ricco, on release from Flaminia, but the sponsor blocked the deal. “Unzue wanted me but not the French sponsor” explains Ricco in the Gazzetta dello … Read more

Jan Ullrich "burns out"

Time to step away from the spotlight Jan Ullrich’s stopping all public appearances. The cake-eating race champion who saw his reputation crumble when he was busted in Operation Puerto is nevertheless still a popular figure on the celebrity circuit in Germany, where he’s been doing charity work and taking part in some motor racing, as … Read more

Team Siemens-Sungard

It seems German electronics manufacturer Siemens will be the replacement sponsor for Saxo Bank. The company will join US IT services company Sungard. EDIT, 11pm Euro time – some questions as to where I’ve got this information from. Well it was mentioned during the TV coverage of today’s stage by France Télévision‘s main cycling commentator … Read more


I might run a series of 1980s nostalgia on here but for the likes of Bruyneel and Riis, it’s like 2004 all over gain. Why? Well they are blocking certain journalists from interviews and access according to cyclismag.com. Back then several reporters were on a list held by team staff with strict orders to freeze … Read more

RadioShack takeover rumours, updated

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Radioshack for some time. Not the team… but the company and its stock price because the company is a potential takeover candidate, potential prey to rival electronics retailer Best Buy or to a bid from private equity. It’s an interesting back-story to the team. I wrote about all … Read more

Image and perception: French soccer and Mark Cavendish

With France’s soccer team behaving like spoilt brats, the media are going to town on the story of the team’s implosion, the massive egos and the management blunders. Gawking at this, one comment stood out: the French football federation, FFF, had commissioned research and polling in recent years and the team was seen as aloof, … Read more

Part of the Problem

It’s hard to know where to begin with the Landis emails. So I’ll take a look at the UCI, since most people are concentrating on Landis, the emails and the others named in them.For me, the UCI is part of the problem here. Whereas a governing body should aim to be beyond reproach, many get … Read more