Radioshack sponsorship review

There’s an interesting article from that reviews the Radioshack sponsorship deal with Lance Armstrong’s cycling team, brought to my attention via Twitter’s FestinaGirl.

Back in March, I commented that the electronics retailer was sponsoring a team without mentioning it. For me, it looks like the deal is clearly about associating with Lance, the campaign is all about the team’s star rider, there’s no mention of Leipheimer or Brajkovic. This isn’t team sponsorship or sports marketing, it’s a way to associate Saint Lance with your brand. concludes:

It is not entirely clear how beneficial RadioShack’s relationship with Armstrong has been this summer. The iconic cyclist’s uncharacteristically poor finish in the Tour de France was exacerbated by intensifying allegations that he has used performance-enhancing drugs in the past.

This has to be the key point, there’s little positive coverage that can counter the growing perception of Armstrong’s past methods, what was once whispered on cycling forums is now becoming relayed by the mainstream media. No amount of wins from Leipheimer, Steegmans or Horner can ever make up for this.

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  1. Totally agree, but I think the Shack positioned it all along as a sponsorship of Lance (in all sports he may take part in) when the deal was first announced last year.

  2. you can say the same thing about the Nissan sponsorship. The ads that played during the Tour here only consisted of Lance and their new car.

  3. Yes, it's not surprising. And it's not unique to Lance, Boonen is the face of Quick Step, despite several other prominent riders.

    Sport is a winner takes all environment and the second best rider on the team is rarely that marketable. When set aside someone like Armstrong, nobody else comes close.

    But I wonder how the team will fare if Armstrong retires from cycling, yet alone if the investigation digs up some dirt.

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