McQuaid blunders again

Hands up if you’re an embarrassment Someone should keep a blog just to monitor the ramblings of UCI President Pat McQuaid and to rebut his misleading public statements. Now he has done the sport a service when it comes to internationalising races. The idea of the ProTour was a good one (although I think it … Read more

Oops, he did it again

“You have to consider the year, 2002, there were no accusations against Armstrong” So said UCI President Pat McQuaid the other day, when discussing why the apparent donation from Armstrong was not viewed as controversial or created a conflict of interest. The story keeps changing Only in 2000 the French judicial system was already chasing … Read more

Giro d’Italia vs. Tour of California – why the clash?

This year sees the Tour of California moved from its previous February slot to May. Weather conditions were harsh, it meant the race struggled to include mountain stages. But this change is forcing riders to choose between the Giro d’Italia and California. Mark Cavendish is the latest rider to announce where he’ll be in May, … Read more

Sort it out!

Can Pat McQuaid do no right? The UCI seems to walk headlong into media elephant traps, the organisation charged with overseeing our sport frequently embarrasses both itself and the sport in general. I for one lament the way it operates. The latest goof is with the publicity-seeking Pierre Bordry (pictured), head of France’s national anti-doping … Read more