Oops, he did it again

“You have to consider the year, 2002, there were no accusations against Armstrong”

So said UCI President Pat McQuaid the other day, when discussing why the apparent donation from Armstrong was not viewed as controversial or created a conflict of interest.

The story keeps changing

Only in 2000 the French judicial system was already chasing Armstrong. A formal investigation had been opened by the Paris prosecutor following the discovery of ‘Actovegin’ in waste disposed by the US Postal cycling team. Surely an official investigation is worth more than an accusation?

  • A blogger with more time than me could start “Pat Watch” to evaluate the conflicting statements issued by Mr McQuaid. I’ve nothing against him personally and do believe he’s getting some things right. But his media performances can be diabolical, he ties himself in knots with contradictions and his version of events seems to change from day to day.