Bruyneel stretches the brand

Johan Bruyneel helped guide Lance Armstrong to seven Tour de France wins and he’s done a lot more than that, he was a moderately successful rider under Manolo Saiz at ONCE and truth be told, sections of the media don’t like him because he’s quick to block access to critics. Now he’s bring you clothing. … Read more

The biggest improvement in cycling technology?

Here an open question: what’s been the biggest improvement in cycling technology over the last 50 years? We’ve seen indexed gear shifting, clipless pedals, wearable helmets, carbon frames and Campagnolo today offers an 11 speed cassette. Well, my answer would be clothing. I was out for a long ride yesterday in the mountains behind Monaco … Read more

The Real Rapha

RIP Guy Lapebie (pictured) who died recently. Brother of Tour winner Roger, he finished third in the great race, as well as being a double Olympic Champion. Say “Rapha” and many cyclists will associate this with a London-based company producing semi-retro styled cycle clothing. But this business has appropriated a slice of history as it … Read more

Training by numbers – update

Congratulations to Amaël Moinard. I blogged only last week how Moinard is an intelligent rider who knows how to train and race smart and sure enough he won the final stage of Paris-Nice under the palm trees of the Boulevard des Anglais. His win is a demonstration of what I was trying to explain. Yesterday … Read more

Training by numbers

Watching today’s stage of Paris Nice on TV I noticed Cofidis’s Amaël Moinard in the breakaway, and that he had an SRM meter on his bike. In case you didn’t know the SRM system measures the watts produced by a rider with a pair of cranks that have been modified with strain guages, plus a … Read more

Re-cycling: bicycles as art and design

There’s a nice small feature on bikes and design from The Guardian, including Wouter Mijland’s “limobike” as pictured above. The theme is re-using old bikes and components to create something new, from furniture to fashion. Click here to see more examples.

Signs of Spring

Maybe it’s the early flowers appearing or the buds swelling on the trees. But for the discerning cyclist, there’s another form of greenery that marks the approach of spring: green sidewalls. Why are they green? Vittoria offer an “all-weather” tub. I’m skeptical about their advantage but the sidewalls are meant to offer extra grip, especially … Read more