Rabobank Close Their Account

Rabobank Team

Dutch bank Rabobank has announced it will quit men’s pro cycling at the end of this year. The team will continue for 2013, only with a blank jersey funded by the contractual obligations left behind.

It’s another shock for the sport, especially since the team was finally trying to put its past behind it. Indeed one of the characteristics of the USADA report and other scandals is that they tend to drive out the good guys. Worse this might not be the last sponsor to flee.

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Questions for Carlos Barredo and the UCI

Carlos Barredo has done nothing wrong and he not allowed to race by his team.

If this sounds odd, you are not alone. Today brings the story of Rabobank’s Carlos Barredo who has had some curious values in his blood passport during a five year period spanning 2007-2011  and earlier this year the UCI asked him to explain the data.  Odder still.

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Another Historic Re-enactment

Mark Cavendish isn’t the peloton’s only keen student of history. The British rider seemingly has an interest in European warfare from the middle ages. But Team Luxembourg’s new signing Brice Feillu’s is also partial to re-enacting scenes of ancient combat. Watch as he carefully depicts a gladiatorial battle from days of yore with French duathlete … Read more