Operation Aderlass and the Bio Passport

The image of Austrian skier Max Hauke sitting with a blood bag connected to his arm during a police raid at the cross-country skiing world championships in Seefeld, Austria was bad enough for any trypanophobes out there. But behind the sordid image came the question: what about the bio passport, how come it took the police rather than testing? Now with the reported confessions of Stefan Denifl and Georg Preidler it raises wider questions about the passport…

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A song for Kohl

Falco’s Wiener Blut Wiener Blut means “Vienna blood”, but also “Viennese spirit”. Austrian cyclist Bernard Kohl got caught but there seems to have been an industrial scale doping network here and few other clients of the clinic have been investigated, yet alone sanctioned. Anyway, it’s an excuse for a bit of Falco. Note the “wir … Read more