RSS Feed Subscribers – Housekeeping Note

Like a good feed? Well if you are a subscriber to this site’s RSS feed, some admin to take note of.

If not, normal blogging with a “shorts” post about the reason behind Evenepoel’s Vuelta GC implosion, One Cycling, Jayco and more tomorrow.

The RSS feed here has been handled by a company called Feedburner, it used to offer a service where readers could subscribe by email, RSS and other means. But Feedburner got bought by Google and the service has been reduced, it’s ancient now… a bit like this blog.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning here with the software that runs the site and Feedburner is going to be turned off soon.

So if you are getting RSS via the old feed from:

This source will dry up soon. But don’t worry, RSS lives, you just have to add the new feed:

And this will work… it should be working already and some readers may get their feed from it already.


23 thoughts on “RSS Feed Subscribers – Housekeeping Note”

  1. i’m getting “Wrong feed URL or dead feed” on feedly from the new address.
    when i put it in my browser it redirects to the old address

    • Thanks, this is helpful… but confusing.

      If I try another RSS tool the new feed is working fine. Yet just as you say Feedly reports it’s “unreachable” so I’ll try to look into this.

      It could* be because the Feedburner RSS is still working, it is designed to convert the plain feed into the Feedburner version and I haven’t switched it off yet.

      * could, as in I feel like someone given a spoke key and a wheel for the first time. Slowly working through all this tech without wanting to make them worse.

  2. Yep, blogs are dead…but please, please, please don’t move into the new era with a gawdawful video podcast or WTF they call ’em!!! With almost every one of these things I try to watch I’m hitting the equivalent of fast-forward. They need a “Get to the f__king point!” button! Do they get paid by the minute or the word on these things? Who sits through ’em?
    My wife jokes that here we’re just drunks sitting in a bar but at least here one can scroll past or quickly skim through the text rather than listing to some “expert” droning on and on.
    Thanks for what you do here, even if maybe it’s only for old-farts?

    • To reprise a Sicilian, “for things to stay as they are, things have to change”. I want the blog to continue in the sample simple format but all the software under the hood is old so these bits have to change.

      The economics of video and podcasting can incentive producers to pad out their content because they are rewarded for grabbing people’s attention, more time online = more chance to serve up ads.

      • Yep, too much of the world is a f__king money-grab. I’d pony-up via an online tin-cup scheme of your choosing as would plenty of others who visit here regularly rather than buy stuff with your logo on it that I don’t have much use for.
        One of my friends here in Sicily’s a big fan of the book/film your quote is from 🙂

    • So you’ve obviously no idea what a RSS-feed is, but if there’s an opportunity to get some rant out of your chest about modern world and dying blogs which have absolutely nothing to do with a tech change in RSS, you have to let the world know that you’re grumpy today. OMFG

    • Ha, no. People can read this site in different ways and some subscribe via RSS so trying to help them.

      It’s like the story of someone visiting a car showroom and the seller shows them the car and asks “would you like to see under hood” and the buyer says “not for the next few years, no”. The only time people, including myself, need to worry about this is when something has gone wrong. Just trying to fix a few things here.

  3. Sincere thanks to our host for everything that they do in providing INRNG: it is such an achievement.

    Any word on thoughts to allow your audience to support the site?

    • It’d be good to do this, I just need to get around to it. It’s a bit like sorting out the tech behind this site, it’s got to the point where I have to do it now so it gets done.

      For a donation button or something similar (I’d tempted to do t-shirt as well maybe) it’s less urgent so it’s on a To Do list but with the site’s software, below all sorts of draft ideas for blog posts, recon rides before stage previews… and everything else in life outside too.

      • A T-shirt is an excellent idea, and perfect timing for the summer races… After all, you have a great logo. I imagine it would be very satisfying to see it up and down the mountains this summer.

        I hear what you are saying about priorities, and I suggest that helping with funding deserves to be up there with the best of them.

        • A t-shirt or donation button would be great. Very happy to support the best blog out there, and yes it is accient, as I have been reading it since forever!

          Many thanks.

  4. in terms of chipping in. I’m part of a podcast (different sport) (and sorry Larry) and we use Ko-Fi ( for user support/ donations. It works really well allowing people to ‘buy us a coffee’ in terms of a one of donation or they can subscribe monthly for any amount they want. A few regular subscribers and the odd chip in each month and we cover all our hosting and other under the hood costs. Easy to set up and I think this would work well. Personally I’d love to chip in to support what you do.

  5. C’est l’occasion de vous remercier pour ce blog : Oui nous aimons le vélo, les flux RSS et The Inner Ring !
    Merci pour ce contenu que vous nous offrez, sans équivalent ailleurs sur internet. Merci pour le calendrier annuel des courses.

    Keep the faith !

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